Old Fashioned – Meet the Christian 50 Shades of Grey movie!

Old Fashioned movie
[adrotate banner=”1″]As 50 Shades of Grey prepares to make the Valentine’s Day box office submit to its commands, a challenger has appeared. Old Fashioned is exactly the same movie, except exactly the opposite. Instead of two characters moaning and groaning together after having just met, the two leads engage in a chaste courtship ritual:

A former frat boy and a free-spirited woman together attempt the impossible: an “old-fashioned” courtship in contemporary America. Valentine’ s Day 2015.

I guess the moaning and groaning was just people finding out about this film! Courtships are all the rage thanks to those reality shows featuring unnaturally large religious families undergoing courtships. Old Fashioned is written and directed and starring Rik Swartzwelder.

Swartzwelder describes the film as “not a religious film, per se” but “a film with faith,”

Which is just a weird way to say it’s a religious film, because it is, and Swartzwelder even has a novelization and companion literature prepared to be sold in religious bookstores. But it’s “not a religious film, per se”. Right. Hey, more power to you for getting a film made and all that, but at least be honest, because bearing false witness is just as much a commandment breaking sin as coveting your neighbor’s wife in a non-courtship manner.

Old Fashioned also stars Elizabeth Ann Roberts, LeJon Woods, Tyler Hollinger, Nini Hadjis, Maryann Nagel, Lindsay Heath, Joseph Bonamico, Dorothy Silver, Ange’le Perez, and Anne Marie Nestor.

What do you think, is this a harbringer of a wave of Christian versions of Hollywood films that will be released the same weekend? Will Christian films become their own mockbusters, taking pages from The Asylum? And when will we get word of Asylum’s version of 50 Shades of Grey? Whatever happens, February is the date to mark your calenders to keep up with Old Fashioned, unless it’s preview screening tour hits your town.

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