Roll in for Saints and Soldiers: Battle Of The Tanks!

[adrotate banner=”1″]This is the third Saints and Soldiers movie – 2003’s Saints and Soldiers and 2012’s Saints and Soldiers: Airborne Creed have preceded it. This entry has gone through a few titles, from Saints and Soldiers: The Void to just Battle of the Tanks, finally compromising with Saints and Soldiers: Battle Of The Tanks. The original Saints and Soldiers won several awards and did a good job of being a low-budget war movie, the worst criticisms I read were people either upset the solders weren’t swearing or making snide remarks about the film being a Mormon production. I don’t feel film needs to be full of swears or devoid of Mormons, so those criticism reflect more on the reviewers than the film.

Ryan Little returns to writing and directing duties. Adam Gregory is the highest credited star. A trailer exists on the Koan site, but does not appear to be embeddable.

Battle of the Tanks takes place in Germany during the last week of WW II. Two American tanks are caught in a vicious battle against three Panzers crewed by young fanatical German soldiers, who will fight to the death.

Though this isn’t the type of film I’d normally be seeking out, it’s also the type of film I wouldn’t not watch. It’s a cool discovery made by pilfering through the portfolio of Dog & Pony Creative. And, hey, if I get a fun little war movie out of checking out random links, more power to me, the random link checker guy!

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Battle of the tanks Sands and soldiers

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