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[adrotate banner=”1″]RiffTrax is out the gate with another VOD, and this one might prove a bit controversial with the cult movie crew as it’s Bruce Lee’s classic film Fist of Fury! You can almost see people lining up to be outraged that this classic film is being RiffTrax, because some people need to learn to relax a bit. If anything, a whole new group of people will see some awesome Bruce Lee moves and maybe become martial arts fans. It also means we’ve got another RiffTrax of a film I’ve already seen, but as usual I’ll be interested in the RiffTrax version. Once I catch up on the backlog. Fist of Fury RiffTrax is available on

Our latest Video OnDemand is FIST OF FURY! The 1972 Bruce Lee classic! Not to be confused with Fists of Fury, or Jackie Chan’s New Fists of Fury, or Fist of Fury II starring Bruce Li (who himself is not to be confused with Bruce Lee). Oh and also, Fist of Fury is known by a couple other names, The Chinese Connection and The Iron Hand, don’t let that confuse you either! Here’s a good way to keep all these movies straight: this is the one where a guy named Bruce takes on a bunch of corrupt bad guys and kicks everyone’s butt real good. There, that clears it up, right?

It’s a good old-fashioned Hong Kong revenge story. Bruce’s martial arts teacher is killed by members of a rival martial arts school (spoiler: Bruce roars “TEACHERRRR!” at the thundering heavens quite a bit when he hears about this) and, wouldn’t you know it, decides to undertake a one-man mission of vengeance, pitting his Chinese school against their Japanese enemies. It’s kinda like the “slobs vs. snobs” setup of Caddyshack, except with a lot less gopher dancing and a lot more deep ethnic animosity. Fun!

So tense your whole body, make some strange bird sounds, punch a guy to death while you’re not even looking at him, and join Mike, Kevin and Bill for Fist of Fury!

Fist of Fury RiffTrax

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