Live-action American Ghost in the Shell film inches closer to reality…

Ghost in the Shell

A rare image of her with clothes on!

[adrotate banner=”1″]But only if now-attached director Rupert Sanders can find a female lead that he can have sex with!

Okay, MAYBE that’s speculation that the director of Snow White and the Huntress, who ruined his marriage with female star Kristen Stewart, is going to sleep with the star of his new female-centric film. Maybe. But for some reason Rupert Sanders is suddenly hot to trot in the movie world, getting attached to everything ever. DreamWorks has snagged him for their Ghost in the Shell flick, which Spielberg has been wanted to get made forever.

Ghost in the Shell is one of the few anime films I have watched, and my vague recollection remembers it has to do with a secret squad of the Japanese National Public Safety Commission and a female android that is naked a lot. There is a bunch of philosophy that will probably be ignored in favor of trying to turn this into The Matrix (which borrowed A LOT from GITS!)

Rupert Sanders is already attached to: 90 Church – a film about Napoleon, The Juliet – which is called Bonnie and Clyde in space (WTF?), and a remake of Kill List. He’s pretty busy, but a guy’s got to relax, and where else to relax but on a couch. Where’s he’s casting leads…

My take? Expect Ghost in the Shell to stay in development hell, and Rupert Sanders to continue to be sleeping alone!

via Deadline

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