Iron Man #196 (July 1985)

Iron Man 196 Godzilla

Cool how Dr. Demonicus didn’t even bother to look for Godzilla! (Jerk!)

Iron Man #196 – (No title) (July 1985)
Writer – Denny O’Neil
Penciler – Rich Buckler
Editor – Mark Gruenwald
Iron Man 196 Godzilla

All these potential cool monsters we will never see…

We skipped Iron Man #195 because Big G was a no-show. I’m sure exciting things happened. Or not. Jim Rhodes was talking with an Indian spirit guide or some nonsense last issue to cure his migranes. That continues as we start this exciting entry. He left his Iron Man armor behind in the mystical dimension you go to when you get Indian spirit guides to cure your migraines, and now he can’t go back to get it, because you can only go to that dimension once.

Hey, I don’t write this stuff! I just write about this stuff.

Yada yada, the armor somehow has formed up and is seeking something out. Expect something weird to happen.

Godzilla returns to Dr. Demonicus’s base with a mouthful of Stark’s old Iron Man armor that Stark ditched in issue 194. Dr. Demonicus pauses his work on making more mutant monsters to bring about Pax Demonicus in order to play around with the armor for revenge. Someone needs to learn to complete his projects before he begins new ones!

Because the wayward Rhodes Iron Man armor has returned to this plane of existence and is causing trouble, Stark grabs a bunch of parts of spare costumes from the Wes Coast Avengers’ closet and suits up to go investigate. Dr. Demonicus tracks him down and attacks wearing the old Iron Mas costume, but the alternate plane Iron Man suit joins with Stark and soon Demonicus is defeated and will be spending some time in the slammer.

And that’s the end of March of Godzilla 2013, once again I’d like to thank…

Oh, no!
Yo! It’s The Ever-Lovin’ Blue-Eyed Thing! Did I ever tell you about the time Godzilla was in my comic?
Well, Mr. Grimm, we don’t have that comic, so we can’t..
Check your inbox, kid! I gotta go clobber some pizza while smoking a cigar or something! Yancy Street!
Okay, it looks like March of Godzilla 2013 will continue again for the second time! You can’t kill us, we’re like that stuff growing between the tiles in your shower!
Iron Man 196 Godzilla

Godzilla: Mastermind!

Iron Man 196 Godzilla

Yeah, boss, but you look ridiculous!

Iron Man 196 cover

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