Godzilla #22 (May 1979)

Godzilla Marvel 22

The true reason dinosaurs went extinct!

Godzilla #22 – The Devil and the Dinosaur! (May 1979)
Writer – Doug Moench
Penciler – Herb Trimpe
Editor – Archie Goodwin

Trapped in the past, Godzilla and his new pals Moon-Boy and Devil Dinosaur prepare to fight evil dudes who are evil. The Lizard-Warriors attack along with their pack of dinosaurs. The pack feature more Chargers, Triceratops, Sauropods, Pteradons, a mohawked Theropod, what looks like a badly drawn Gallimimus. There is an awesome two-page spread of all the dinosaur fighting. Godzilla, Moon Boy, and Devil Dinosaur are outnumbered hundreds to three, so they decide to run.

Back in modern day 1979, the SHIELD squad discuss what to do now that they are all out of a job. Ben Grimm and Reed Richards notice radiation coming from the time machine! Dang it, Reed, why you got to mess up history like that?

Godzilla and Devil Dinosaur will make a stand while Moon Boy tries a new trick, and talks to the Hag who controls the Region of the Pits. Hey, the name of the character is Hag, I’m not just calling this crazy old cave lady a bad name! Hag is in charge of a land that has a bunch of pits on it, so the plan is to cover the pits with grass and lure the enemy Lizard-Warriors onto it. You might think that the bad guys must be awfully stupid if all of them fall into the pits, and you are correct! Goodbye morons!

Godzilla Marvel 22

Check out that HARDCORE mohawk dinosaur!

The time machine will soon explode and yank Godzilla back to our time…like a yo-yo. Does this make any sense? Of course it doesn’t! Just go along with it, please. Reed and crew figure they must get the time machine to an open area. Forget central park, let’s take it to Times Square! I’m beginning to think these characters get off on putting the public in danger…

The radiation in the area with the pits combines with the radiation in Godzilla and the radiation from the time machine to make the radiation storm that restores Godzilla to his proper size and transports him back to our time, 1979!

This issue is pretty much just an excuse for Godzilla to punch dinosaurs for most of the length. And how!

Next month: Two issues left, so time for Godzilla to fight the Avengers! But will Sam Jackson show up after the credits to offer him a job???

Godzilla Marvel 22

Godzilla follows anyone short! Once these dwarves couldn’t get him to leave until Godzilla ate an apple and fell asleep…

Godzilla Marvel 22

Jump over the obvious trap so the villains can blindly stumble into it!

Godzilla Marvel 22

Old Faithful kills again!

Godzilla Marvel 22

The plot for Iron Man 4 revealed!

Godzilla Marvel 22 cover

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