Joe Dirt 2 better have MORE dog balls frozen to the porch!

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[adrotate banner=”1″]Warm up your testicles, because we’re getting a sequel to Joe Dirt! Yes, it’s true, and not just any type of sequel, it’s a sequel that will premier on Crackle! Yes, Crackle. Crackle. Crackle…the web streaming video site? TV shows and movies? That Crackle? Okay, now we are on the same page. Crackle is getting into the independent programming game and released a press sheet detailing their shows, most of which I don’t care about, except for this entry about Joe Dirt: The Sequel:

Comedy Feature
The long-awaited sequel to the cult favorite David Spade comedy JOE DIRT will break new ground as the first made for digital movie that is a sequel to a hit motion picture. Spade will also star in the sequel, which will pick-up where the film left off, following the comedic misadventures of the mullet-clad, lovable redneck, “Joe Dirt.” The project will be written and executive produced by Spade and Fred Wolf and directed by Wolf.

via Indiewire

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