Is Rise of the Dinosaurs SyFy's last Saturday Creature Flick for a long time?

Haters gonna hate Decepticons
[adrotate banner=”1″]Because SyFy’s moving their movies to Thursday premieres for the summer! If you haven’t noticed, SyFy has gone loco and suddenly started to produce a bunch of actual science fiction shows and is attempting to become an actual network that follows its name and not just a place for edited movie reruns and wrestling. I, for one, support this endeavor, and whole-heartedly approve of SyFy’s attempt to bring a bunch of science fiction dramas to television. But, as fallout from this, one of the nights SyFy is setting up programming blocks will be Saturday. Thus, the movie premieres are getting moved to Thursdays! Long time watchers of SyFy (back when it was SciFi Channel!) might remember that Thursday was once the day these new movies premiered (and even became a day they would randomly premiere one anyway after the move to Saturday!) so this isn’t so out of line. It’s just been a good long while.

But before that happens, there will be a few more films popping up. First up is Stonados on April 27. It features tornadoes with rocks in them. May 11th features the premiere of Rise of the Dinosaurs, and there are no more movie premieres scheduled for the rest of May. The real mystery is Rise of the Dinosaurs. Because I can’t find a thing about it. Which means it’s probably something else renamed. But what? Asylum’s Age of the Dinosaurs? That doesn’t seem finished enough to be it. Jurassic Attack? It’s out in Europe, so maybe. A bootleg Ice Age sequel? Or it could be something else entirely. No one who knows is saying nothing! Those jerks!

EDIT: Just got confirmation from the TuningIntoSciFiTV guys that Rise of the Dinosaurs IS Jurassic Attack! Also Stonados has been delayed due to the events in Boston (it is set in Boston)

4 thoughts on “Is Rise of the Dinosaurs SyFy's last Saturday Creature Flick for a long time?

  1. (Posted this on My website a few weeks ago)

    On most Saturdays, you can find us here, our household chores are done, and we’ve had dinner and cleaned up.

    Some of us have kids to put to bed; we’ll make some drinks and relax. When 8.50 PM Eastern Time (7:50 Central) rollers around,

    we fire up our twitter accounts and tune into the SyFy channel. Why? It’s SyFy Saturday night!

    Im a SnarkAlec, we are SnarkALecs, it’s what I do, it’s what we do ritualistically every Saturday Night.

    SyFy provides the cheesy and sometimes (who am I kidding, mostly is the word that belongs here) scientifically inaccurate movie; we provide the real-time twitter soundtrack that gets the show trending.

    Whether the movie is good, like “The End of The World”, bad like “The Philadelphia Experiment” or ugly like “Snowmageddon” we are always entertained.

    Unfortunately it looks like we are at the end of an era. The SyFy channel has decided to go to scripted Saturdays during the summer, starting in June.

    SyFy is going to shift its movie night to Thursdays, and air Sinbad and Primeval on Saturdays between 9 and 11 PM.

    Thursday is a “school” night for those of us who work.

    We won’t be able to kick back with an adult beverage and laugh at each other’s comments.

    Our TV watching habits will change and one day we will look back and fondly reminisce about the movies we once enjoyed like Pirahnaconda, Swamp Shark or Jersey Shore Shark Attack.

    While SyFy wonders where we all went and why we aren’t coming back.

    • The Thursday films are already appearing on the schedule, with Axe Giant premiering on June 13th. With how often I see reports of films beating ratings records it is weird, but I do understand their attempts to become an actual science fiction network (something I and many others have mocked them about for years!) Luckily I usually record the films and watch them later, so their actual premiere time isn’t that big of an issue to me, but it does change Saturday nights for others and who knows if this gamble will pay off.

  2. I really enjoy watching scifi movies as daily time permits. I noticed that the movies shown are from a variety backgrounds and financial resources. A lot of the action movies are very thought provoking with lots of suspense.
    The recent premier of “Rise of Dinosaurs” caught my attention. It started out with a very up-to-date background and special effects and story line. I really started to get into it, but then by the end the character development was killed and the plot was really shot, the final conclusion was shallow and cheap and unrealistically selfish and inhumane. It was not a story that would inspire anyone to do anything important in the world, whether scientific centered or not. I thought there are video game scenarios with more promise, in fact a bad video game could probably be made from the storyline. If science fiction writers want to inspire youth through their action movies they will have to do better than that.

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