Fight alongside Taiwanese tokusatsu-themed flick Machi Action!

[adrotate banner=”1″]Machi Action is a tokusatsu flick with a twist, as it’s about the actors who star in the tokusatsu shows. Specifically, it’s about the actor who plays Cosmo Universe Space Hero Fly, and what happens when his low-rated show is replaced by a newer, cooler show with a better suit and a more hip actor. The acto then needs to find himself and become the sort of hero he played on tv. Judging from the look of Machi Action, director Zhang Shilin “borrowed” a lot of the visual style from some of the Kamen Rider series. Which isn’t a bad thing (and wouldn’t be the only time Taiwan had their own version of “Kamen Rider” properties.) Bolin Chen plays the soon-to-be unemployed actor.

via Maser Patrol

Here are some pics I ganked off the official Facebook page for Machi Action!

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