SyFy wants to remake Waterworld!

[adrotate banner=”1″]Flare out your gills and begin your search for dry land, because if SyFy gets their way, Waterworld will be back as one of their original movies! Waterworld is famous for being a gigantic flop, even though it’s not really that bad and is sort of charming. However, it’s also a property no on wants to touch at all. Thus, SyFy sees a way to easy money. And I have no doubt that SyFy could easily make a cheap version of Waterworld that not only pulls a profit, but also kicks but. And it probably will involve a giant monster or two (just like the original!) Though I think Kevin Costner is probably out of their league for a cameo. I’m hoping Tina Majorino shows up, because no one realizes the little girl was also deb in Napoleon Dynamite. Or maybe Jack Black, he was in the original.

This is far from a done deal, but if there is one thing we learned from Waterworld, is that myths can become reality when they are tattooed on the back of a small child. So get out your tattoo devices!

On a sad note, the Exxon Valdez is also no longer with us. Also Dennis Hopper and William Preston (Who was also a Late Night with Conan O’Brien regular) But they will all be turned into dirt to grow tomatoes for the next generation.

via Forbes


That’s not Dry Land….it’s a giant turtle!

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