Mohawk Saber-toothed Tiger is the real star of After Earth

[adrotate banner=”1″]After Earth‘s first trailer makes it look somewhat interesting, which is surprising all the people who think M. Night always equals terrible. M. Night only equals terrible most of the time. Get it right, people! Anyway, the Smiths crash, and Jaden has to find help for his injured dad (Legendary General Cypher Raige!) on Earth, which is now overrunned with apes with tails and saber-toothed tigers that want to eat man meat. It looks like dad is passing on the being a movie star torch to his son or something, though Jaden is still pretty young atm. At least they are doing things as a family, even if it is nepotism.

But enough of that, just remember that the saber-toothed tiger has a mohawk! That’s all I care about, this cool cat. He is the punkest cat ever! Suck on lasagna, Garfield!

After Earth Mohawk Cat

2 thoughts on “Mohawk Saber-toothed Tiger is the real star of After Earth

  1. Not so sure he only means terrible most of the time. His career goes like this: Great movie, great movie, really good movie, good movie, terrible movie, terrible movie, terrible movie. In that order. What does Will Smith know that we don’t? I demand an answer.

    I hope that tiger has a teenaged kid with a green mohawk and lots of angst.

    • The Last Airbender is “very very terrible” and cancels out two of the good films. Luckily it was so bad M. Night is desperate and thus the Smiths can come in and snatch up his name brand while probably calling most of the shots. Just my theory.

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