Age of the Hobbits blocked from release!

Those tricksy hobbits at Warner Brothers followed through with their threats against The Asylum’s Age of the Hobbits and got an injunction preventing it’s release! It’s a mock-buster setback until more legal wrangling in January. If you recall, the Asylum film American Battleships changed its name to American Warships to avoid similar trouble, which is sort of bad news as “Battleship” is a more generic term than “hobbit”. Why they haven’t changed the name yet, I don’t know, maybe they want to see what they can get away with before backing down all the time. Asylum has also gotten legal threats over The Terminators and The Day the Earth Stopped, though neither of them stuck. Currently, all Age of the Hobbits material has mysteriously disappeared from The Asylum’s website until more court fun. Be there, or be Hobbit!

via EW

Asylum Age of the Hobbits

A typical Hobbit

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