A Talking Cat!?! must have been titled by me…

[adrotate banner=”1″]Because that is the only explanation. What is A Talking Cat!?! about? Obviously it’s about a talking cat and excessive punctuation. The talking cat of the title is voiced by Eric Roberts, who is the man you think of when you think of talking cats. Or even talking kittens, as that is what the cat is on the poster, even though it’s a full grown cat in the film!

The heartwarming story of Duffy (Eric Roberts), an adorable talking cat that brings two families together. Sometimes it takes a little help from a special cat to get people back on course. In this case, Duffy sets about to help two families enjoy each others’ gifts.

Wait, so Duffy the cat wanders into the middle of that old story about the husband who sold his watch to buy his wife some brushes and she sold her hair to buy him a watchband? Probably not, but now I have a screenplay to write.

I won’t even get into how badly the talking cat animation is. But it is bad.

The important question is: Does Duffy rap??? Not according to the preview, but it is entirely possible.

via BeyondHollywood

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