Gatorshark vs Zombie Cheerleaders – Suck on this, Walking Dead!

Gatorshark vs Zombie Cheerleaders
[adrotate banner=”1″]Gatorshark vs Zombie Cheerleaders is a flick in preproduction that I heard about thanks to the wonderful news source of them following me on twitter. Their official site is a facebook page, with the synopsis

A half-shark half-alligator creature wreaks havoc at a cheerleader camp full of hot & sexy brain eating zombie cheerleaders.

And some neat artwork. There is also casting news, so Gatorshark vs Zombie Cheerleaders is actually happening and is not just one of the films that maybe one day will get around to doing a kickstarter that also follow me. Bob Madia is writing, and the announced cast so far is Tara Beaulieu from Naked News fame as Jennifer, Trisha Paytas as Kendra, Jade Bryce as Caren, and Kristen Kelly as Chantal. Aside from that, there isn’t much info until the film starts shooting at the beginning of next year, and the writer promised nudity (that would probably not make it to tv if the film was on SyFy.)

The only question to as is with Gatorshark vs Zombie Cheerleaders combining four things together, who will be the brave movie pioneer with an X vs Y vs Z movie title? That day will happen.


Gatorshark vs Zombie Cheerleaders

I’ll kill anyone who calls me Crocoshark!

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