For real a Heaven is For Real flick is coming down the pipe!

[adrotate banner=”1″]If you’ve spent time in bookstores, you’ve probably seen the Heaven is For Real book on the shelves, a book that details the totally true story told by a four year old that details his trip to Heaven when he was under during emergency surgery, a trip that is oddly consistent with what he would have learned in the church of his pastor father. Not that’s I’m suspicious or anything that this is some sort of cash grab attention seeking stunt pulled by Pastor Todd Burpo to rake in the dough. I just like randomly screaming out “HUMBUG!” at obvious liars. Todd Burpo’s cowriter Lynn Vincent (the ghost writer on Sarah Palin’s Going Rogue!) comes from such honest stock there is no way this is some sort of scam. Not at all.

Well, now they’re going to be filthy rich(er), thanks to the movie rights of little Colton Burpo’s trip to For Real Heaven being snatched up and Randall Wallace is at the helm. Christopher Parker will write the script and Sony is who we can all thank for this wonderful film that Kirk Cameron will probably tell you about.

via Variety

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