Rush Hour 4: Still Rushin'

[adrotate banner=”1″]Producer Arthur Sarkissian tells Crave that Rush Hour 4 is happening, and both Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker will be back. He also claims to want it more like Rush Hour 1. More like Rush Hour 1? Did this guy forget that Rush Hour 3 was Rush Hour 1??? The only difference was the girl was grown up and didn’t sing Mariah Carey! Also someone forgot to tell Jackie Chan that saying Chinese Zodiac is your last action movie means you shouldn’t be doing another action movie. There is no way Jackie Chan will ever really retire until he’s physically unable to act, but gimmick marketing techniques to not become him. But he’ll be less actiony in his movies, so no more jumping off buildings. That much.

Sarkissian also slammed Brett Ratner, the director of the prior 3 films, apparently unhappy at the way the director has moved the franchise. But I bet Sarkissian wasn’t complaining about the dump trucks full of money the series was bringing in.
Rush Hour

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  1. I thought Jackie walked back that comment about retiring from action movies? Either way, this is retarded, and nobody should bad-mouth Ratner while simultaneously making another Rush Hour. That’s, like, common sense.

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