Zone Fighter Episode 15 – Chinbotsu! Gojira-yo Tokyo-wo Sukue

Zone Fighter Episode 15 – Chinbotsu! Gojira-yo Tokyo-wo Sukue

aka Submersion! Godzilla, Save Tokyo! aka It’s Sinking! Godzilla, Save Tokyo

March of Godzilla 2012
Written by Kohei Oguri & Norio Komata
Directed by Kengo Furusawa

Zone Fighter stumbles through another episode, where hundreds of people die due to the Garoga menace, but the Zone Family still doesn’t tell anyone in positions of authority on Earth about the alien invaders. Sorry, innocent people, I guess your lives just don’t matter. At least Godzilla shows up again. I was getting sick of these non-Godzilla episodes with giant chickens and exploding birthday cakes. So now that Godzilla is here we’ll have something awesome happen, right? Maybe? At least Godzilla seems to care more about everyone dying than the Zones, as Godzilla shows up out of nowhere to fight the Terror-Beast Zandora who is responsible for the chaos. Either that, or Godzilla is upset that Zandora looks like a giant wang. Either way, his appearance here is greatly appreciated!

Stop the world, I want to get off!

March of Godzilla 2012 is proud to bring yet another Godzilla Zone Fighter episode. If you are Zone Fighter ignorant, there is plenty of Zone Fighter information available on the Splash Page.

Godzilla and Zandora slow dance as Zone Fighter is buried under the ground

New opening credits? Holy Fratz! Instead of telling us the same boring story about Peaceland getting blown up each week, everything is now implied via effects shots as the Zone Fighter song plays. This opening is much better. Perhaps Zone Fighter is looking up!

When you build Warhammer maps on fault lines, things go bad…

There are earthquakes striking Tokyo. Instead of slight tremors, these are all like 9.5 Richter scale quakes! And since one single quake caused a huge tsunami and nuke meltdown and other problems in reality, the quakes shown briefly in the beginning would have destroyed Japan and half of Asia in real life!

Zone Fighter has a huge body count for a kids show.

Only Godzilla is awesome enough to headbutt a drill

We got annoying kid incoming!

And now the Garoga are taking over..a father-son picnic? Luckily we have an annoying squinty kid with a Godzilla doll and his fat dopey father to make us not that interested. These characters pop up once or twice more, but do little and are useless, so let’s just forget them.

Plenty of other confusing things happen as we realize the monster is drilling under the city causing the earthquakes. Takeru Jou is ran over by Garogas in a car! Did the Garoga’s hire Lindsay Lohan as a driver? Sadly, Takeru Jou is not killed.

I love these shots of Garoga just wandering through town in real clothes.
Spy Hunter – the movie
Zone Fighter hitting light speed all of a sudden…

The Garoga have a brand new Garoga Car and attacks Zone Fighter as he’s driving around in Mighty Liner, but Zone just blows up the new Garoga Car. NOOOOOOO!!!! I weep for the Garoga Car 2.

Akira Sakimori goes off by himself to look for the terror-beast, but falls down a hole. The story of Akira in one sentence.

Zandora pops out of the ground, and Zone Fighter and Angel blast it in the Mighty Liner and Smokey.

The new Garoga car now features cup holders!
Heil Hitler, we now have a diamond-topped arcade joystick!
You don’t get to lead, Zandora! Time to die…

GAROGA NEW POWER OF THE WEEK – Garoga goons throw hats at the ships, which fly around and chase the ships, the hats exploding.

The hat-tossers are lasered and burn away into ash. More brutal murder in a kids show, people!

Zandora goes nuts, so Zone Fighter grows big to fight him, but Zone fails, and is buried underground by Zandora. Kill him, Zandora. KILL HIM!!! KILL the Zone Fighter!

We’ll be right back after Zone Fighter takes time to be more awful
Everytime I tell that Mario guy to go to another castle, I get a free Subway sandwich

But then Godzilla wanders by…

Godzilla starts pushing Zandora around, fights him. Somehow Zone is out of the ground a scene later. I’m not sure what happened. In one of the cooler Godzilla sequences, Godzilla rips off Zandora’s tail and whips him with it, until the stupid dril monster sprays Godzilla with lots of bug spray that causes Godzilla to explode or something. Zone finally rejoins the fight and together they defeat Zandora, and yet another monster killed.

Zone and Godzilla do meaningful nods at each other and shake hands. This is certainly the bromance of last century. And now everyone lives happily ever after…until next week!

The Smurf Satanists strike again!
A whole network of Jersey Shore spinoffs? My God…
If only Zone Fighter had an involuntary squeeze, the series would be twice as good!

A Godzilla episode with raised stakes, but once again no real lasting consequences and despite hundreds of people probably being dead, the Zones go back to living their happy lives. But it was fun seeing Zone Fighter buried alive, too bad he rose from the grave to continue to live. Jerk!

Big G in the Hiz-zouse!
Drills are well known for their ability to fire clouds of smoke
The dance party continues!

Rated 5/10 (Smurf Holocaust, blasting the drillman, screams of a child, exploding the drillman, Smurf Ashes)

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