Zone Fighter Episode 12 – Kyoujuu Kichi Chikyuu-e Shinnyuu!

Zone Fighter Episode 12 – Kyoujuu Kichi Chikyuu-e Shinnyuu!

aka Terrorbeast HQ: Invade the Earth! aka The Terror-Beast Base: Invade the Earth!

March of Godzilla 2012
Written by Norio Komata
Directed by Ishiro Honda

March of Godzilla 2012 is not dead, it was just resting as a TarsTarkas.NET got crushed beneath the weight of a trio of first run flicks and a lost film about a guy in a skeleton suit. But the train has been righted back on the track, and we can continue with our journey of Zone Fighter! Perhaps now you wish the train was flipped back onto its side. Well, too bad, so sad, Zone Fighter is here and he’s fighting a giant chicken while the producers might be committing horrible animal abuse. You just can’t be sure.

Rock ’em, Sock ’em Morons!

If you are Zone Fighter unaware, feel free to drop on by the Zone Fighter splash page, you’ll be glad you did! Now let’s get on with this show, before the chicken monster Barakidon crosses the road and I have to make even lamer jokes!

Troma’s Poultrygeist: Night of the Chicken Dead sequel was ambitious

The opening shows Zone Fighter killing many of the previous monsters, his horrible murder spree seared into the eyes and memories of the Garogas. So the Garogas have the ultimate plan to stop Zone Fighter’s brutal murder of monsters – a new monster!

Soon two tiny girls will be by demanding this egg…

Great plan, idiots! I hope Zone Fighter murders all of you.

Ha ha ha! Your hat is ridiculous!

I think your hat is giving me cramps…

They launch some rocket things at Earth that crash and drill into the ground. Once subterranean, they turn into….an egg and a box! Just great, now those “which came first…” questions just got 1000% weirder. Thanks a lot, Japan!

Takeru teaches kids about farming and raising chicks while wearing a dumb hat. He also has another friend of the week named Yoko, who is totally in to farming, something we couldn’t have any of the 8 main characters develop, so we’re forced to introduce another one-shot.

A game of Red Light, Green Light goes professional…
You sunk my battleship!

If you like seeing guys in alien costumes mess around with chickens, then this Zone Fighter episode is for you! Some Garogas are just minding their business doing evil chicken breeding when Hikaru and Taeru run in and start beating them up! Can’t a man (a Garoga) breed evil chickens without being harassed?

The Garogas are winning until Hikaru becomes Zone Fighter, which is blatant cheating! He cheats further by calling in Zone Angel, who leaves Yoko and her chicken-stacking job to go help shoot Garogas in the face. The awesome Garoga Car makes another appearance!!!! I love that car! Best car ever. They use it to kidnap Yoko and her chickens, also there is possibly a real dead chick used in this scene….


Go to hell, Zone Fighter!

Which came first, the egg or the box?
The new KFC employees weren’t very good…

The Garoga’s plan is to throw evil chickens into the underground egg, and eventually it will turn into a monster. Makes sense. The Garoga capture Hotaru as well so Yoko can have a roommate. Red Garoga brags to Yoko and Hotaru and shows the new evil chicken monster Barakidon hatching.

Barakidon, the perfect name for a chicken monster! Barakidon…Barack Obama….I smell Garoga conspiracy! The president is a Garoga Terro-Beast! Run for your lives! No wonder he doesn’t have a birth certificate!

Red rocket attack!
This is the coolest car ever…

The Garoga use Hikaru’s robot communicator to lure Zone Fighter in…he takes the flying car. Zone Fighter is then ambushed in a field by some Garoga goons!

GAROGA NEW POWER OF THE WEEK – a Garoga guy rips off his antenna and uses them as both whips and lassos while fighting Zone Fighter.

Zone just takes the antenna whip from them and uses it against them. Good job, geniuses! Barakidon emerges to fight. He’s a mutant chicken with claws and what looks like sunglasses. Yep, he’s too cool for school, so put down your no. 2 pencils and prepare to get the yolk kicked out of you!

The true horror of drugs – rooms with aluminum foil for decoration!
The Walking Dead: The Zone Fighter Years

Zone Fighter grows big to fight Barakidon, in what promises to be the most amazing man vs. chicken fight you’ve seen in a few weeks. Zone Angel frees herself and Yoko, and steals the blueprints for Barakidon after shooting Red Garoga in the head (he doesn’t die, just gets annoyed and runs away.)

Barakidon flaps wings for wind attacks, and also shoots smoke from his mouth – both things chickens are known for. That’s how Colonel Sanders got his high rank, leading battles against chickens to feed the troops.

To show how awesome Zone Fighter is, he’s currently getting beaten up by a giant chicken. Zone Angel uses her powers of knowing how to read to decipher the Garoga blueprints for Barakidon, and figures out he needs heat. So Zone Fighter uses Smokey to block the moon to make Barakidon weak. Barakidon freaks out, and then Zone Fighter blasts him with wrist rockets

I’m a mutant chicken with sunglasses!
Zone Fighter immediately put his skills downing buffalo wings to use…

ZONE FIGHTER NEW POWER OF THE WEEK – Zone Fighter makes freeze smoke come out of one of his fingers, covering Barakidon
Barakidon then disappears and explodes. Yes, he explodes after he disappears. No, I don’t know how you can do that. He just does!

The day is saved for Japanese chicken farmers…but not for the poor baby chick. Once more: BOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!

Gargoa blueprints that are rendered in colored chalk for some reason
Zone Fighter took a break to dish out some servings

Rated 4/10 (The poor things, UFO coverup!, High-tech magnetic tape!, jumping to the spaceship!)

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