Chinese actress Bai Jing murdered

[adrotate banner=”1″]Mainland Chinese actress Bai Jing was murdered in an apparent murder/suicide by her husband Zhou Chenghai, a billionaire stock market/properties businessman. The couple had been fighting due to divorce escalations. The rumor mill is that Bai Jing and her Triad boyfriend hired a prostitute to seduce Zhou Chenghai to get grounds for divorce and to get 20 million yuan ($4 million) from him. The news of this allegedly caused Zhou’s mother to die (!) so he went nuts and stabbed her. How much of that is true I do not know, hopefully we get some answers.

Bai Jing was not well known in the West, but was becoming a rising star with small roles in Three Kingdoms: Resurrection of the Dragon (the only film of hers I have seen) and Kung Fu Wing Chun (a film so not funny I stopped watching it 30 mins into), but she had a bigger career on TV and was one of China’s best-known female kung-fu stars.

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Bai Jing

2 thoughts on “Chinese actress Bai Jing murdered

  1. Dreadful news, even though I never heard of Bai Jing. I initially read the headline as “Chinese actress Bai Ling murdered” and my first thought was “well, that was inevitable.”

    • There has been a good amount of traffic from people who think it was Bai Ling murdered, though I think if anyone did try to kill Bai Ling, she’d turn into a butterfly monster and slaughter them!

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