Capture Creatures are awesome

[adrotate banner=”1″]What are Capture Creatures? Think Pokemon meets kids books, created by two cool artists, Becky Dreistadt – who does the art, and Frank Gibson – who creates the encyclopedia bio for each Capture Creature. When all 151 creatures are finished, they’ll become a traveling art show. This is the type of zany stuff I like, world building, voluminous encyclopedia entries and bios, and lots of pictures of cool things.

Official site

The blog is packed with a bunch of cool creatures such as Cuttler:

Cuttler Capture Creatures

Ladies love me!

Cuttler generally congregate in feudal packs. Utilising the shedded antlers of the creature Budu as a sword, they attempt combat with Cuttlers boasting larger swords. Upon defeating a Cuttler, smaller weapons are often eaten to absorb the owners power and larger weapons are taken as their own.

Or Tarrawatt

Tarrawatt Capture Creatures


The Tarrawatt is a solitary creature until it reaches adolescence and is subsequently accepted into a tribe. Its physical appearance gradually changes to mimic the features of its pack. This is also when it becomes a biped. Its dormant electric powers are jumpstarted by ambient electricity emitted by its companions.

These are neat and I’ll be sure to Capture Them All or whatever as the series progresses!

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