Bleach the next anime to become live action

[adrotate banner=”1″]Bleach is an ongoing manga/anime series that will be the next on the chopping block to get a US version. The plot sounds generic enough that they could transfer it to the US easily without changing much, unlike Akira. In fact, the same company that is continuing to do the American Akira is in charge of getting the US Bleach out, Warner Brothers! So expect no one even remotely Asian unless they need a big villain or something.

I don’t read Bleach, but the story is by Tite Kubo and features a ghost-spotting teenager named Ichigo with blonde hair (everyone thinks he bleaches his hair, thus the title!) who gets powers from evil ghosts named Hollows and can now fight them, so he sets out to protect people. Or something like that, I’m sure someone will come along and call me stupid for getting something wrong in the epic tale of Bleach!

Peter Segal – the director of Get Smart and Nutty Professor 2 – is producing and might direct, while the writer of Wrath of the Titans – Dan Mazeau – is doing the script.


Bleach Tigers

If the movie was about tigers who fight ghosts, I would watch it!

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