Looking for cartoon characters the next big thing at the box office!

[adrotate banner=”1″]It’s like Antz and Deep Impact all over again! Yes, we have two competing films that deal with people looking for fictional characters!

First up, Jennifer Lopez is (producing) Carmen Sandiego. Yes, a Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego movie! Keep in mind that most people who even know what this is are probably more familiar with the game show than the computer games. But if they keep things awesome and have Carmen stealing monuments and cities and things, it will rule. But they’ll probably wuss out and make it some dumb tower heist movie. Like that movie, Deep Impact.

Next up in your searching news, the long-rumored Where’s Waldo movie oozes back to life thanks to MGM being given a pile of money. A pile of money they seem to want to burn like the Joker did in Deep Impact. But I’m sure they’ll jam enough pencils into kids’ brains to get some returns. Do kids even know who Waldo is, or why they should be looking for him? Maybe Carmen Sandiego stole him in a crazy movie cross-over! Like when Sam Jackson showed up at the end of Deep Impact and the meteor joined the Avengers.

Where's Waldo Carmen Sandiego

I would watch the frak out of this movie!

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