Gaiking the Movie

[adrotate banner=”1″]Gaiking was an anime produced from Toei before I was born about giant robots fighting aliens, which sort of got released in the US as some Shogun Warriors toys. This project is obscure enough that the new, upcoming, maybe live action (seriously, the chick in the trailer looks like a cartoon!) feature will not be raping any childhoods in the Tars Tarkas household! I guess having a door for Gaiking to pop out of is too much work, so he just emerges out from under a city street. Good job causing all sorts of civic engineering nightmares and busting the city’s budget repairing all that damage! Maybe Gaiking is invested heavily in companies that profit in repair destroyed cities, thus even if he trashes the planet, he still gets rich. Good job, Gaiking. Also note that somehow, the magic retractable helmet on the pilot girl doesn’t rip off all her loose, flowing blond locks. The pilot was a dude in the original anime, so that’s either a feminine dude, or the dude got Starbucked and is now a blond chick.

Gaiking will be released later this year in Japan, and in 2012 in the rest of the world for people who haven’t already gotten the Japanese DVD release. Seriously, release this stuff at the same time around the world, please!

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