Spy vs. Spy live action….directed by Ron Howard!

[adrotate banner=”1″]Ron Howard seems to be getting some weird directing choices, including a contest where people can submit photos and he’ll base a movie off of it. But this latest bit of news is out of the blue. Warner Brothers (who own Mad Magazine) is going to have Ron Howard direct a live action Spy vs. Spy movie! As someone who grew up with the Antonio Prohias strips, I can’t really imagine this being any good live action, because the whole thing is a giant cartoon. Heck, they’re even used as cartoon fillers on the Mad cartoon show (and the old MadTV!) Maybe if they go the whole Spy Spoof route, but that road has been traveled by dozens of other films. And will the Grey Spy show up? Let’s file this one under cautiously optimistic.

Spy vs Spy

I would watch it if it was like this!

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