Kick Ass Heroes

[adrotate banner=”1″]What might be a Kick-Ass knockoff is instead just another Four Movie Pack DVD, except this four Movie pack DVD has some odd movies in it…

Green Inferno is a boring cannibal jungle adventure, IIRC. (Yes, I’m the kind of guy who finds cannibal adventures boring!) The other three are..

RoboVampire! Once again with a ridiculous cartoon Robocopish guy on the cover!

Fantastic Argoman! – Probably best reviewed in this video

and Red Eagle! I had no idea that Red Eagle was even released in the west, but you can now buy it on a crappy 4-pack DVD! I have no idea if it is dubbed or subbed, as the original Red Eagle is in Thai. All the Red Eagle photos are of the movie Gold Eagle aka Insee Thong, the last Red Eagle film.

Images ganked from the SomethingAwful forums

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