Discount Puppet Explosion 411 – Episode 105 – Biokids

Discount Puppet Explosion 411 – Two teams battle by reviewing awful films for fabulous prizes or horrible non-prizes. In this episode, Team Jawesome reviews the Filipino film Biokids and gets caught up in its awfulness. Will this be enough for Team Jawesome to win this round of the Discount Puppet Explosion 411 competition?

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Directed by Bebong Osorio

What can I say about Biokids that wasn’t already said by Team Jawesome? Probably to stay away! Biokids is a ridiculous send up of the Power Ranger type shows that somehow got an international release with dubbing that doesn’t even try to match the lips of the actors. They make up for it with toilet jokes, annoying kids, and random winking statues. Oddly enough, that is not enough to make up for it.

Download the Biokids Theme Song here!

These children were just told they have to watch Biokids!

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