Confessions of a Feng Shui Practitioner

[adrotate banner=”7″]Here is a guest post from Dr. Meow Mix, who may write more articles for the TarsTarkas.NET Blog as it evolves into whatever it evolves into next…

Today I was talking to my old co-worker. Both of us got laid off at the same time and we had the same position. I ended up having to move, but because she was a local, she stayed and reapplied to the same company. Although she had resentment, she ended up landing on a better position than the one we had before and are now getting paid higher than our old supervisor. I on the other hand, just finished my 1 year of unemployment and still do not have a job. I went though countless of interviews and still had no luck.

By the way, I practice Fengshui. I had bamboos, mirrors, and lucky charms on my cubical. On the side note, she was reflected in my mirror, which is on the same side of the door. Yes, we shared a cubical with two more people. My desk was on the closes left hand corner when you walk in. My co-worker had a cubical where her back was facing the door, so she occupied the left farthest corner. She could have people backstabbing her. The first thing you see when you walk in is her back. Both of us got laid off perhaps due to our poor seating arrangements. But now, I think she has more career luck than me, but I don’t understand why. I thought she got the bad seat.

However, I just paid off my school loans with the help of my unemployment. The government gave me my loans and had helped me paid it off. I think that is just fair. Technically I had an almost free college education, but I just wish my degree had done something marvelous for me. Like, being an engineer or something. My co-worker told me that she still has a lot to pay off. Life is not too bad, but I really want a job.

If life was based solely on luck, I must say I should be way luckier than my older co-worker right? Since I practiced Fengshui? But I don’t feel like it.

If life was based on education, since both me and my co-worker didn’t have any relative education to our previous jobs and so is her current one, I think I should have better luck since I went to a more well know college.

We are both hard workers.

If luck was based on beauty, I am pretty, and so is she, but she is White. I wonder if that made a difference. If so, damn you racism. I’m Chinese.

But for some reason, although I am a nice person, people are more drawn to her than they are to me. I had co-workers gang up on me. Fengshui didn’t help me warn off evilness. I was pretty too, and to be honest, being pretty can be a curse instead of a gift.

I feel like it’s a no win situation. But I will give it some time to see how much worse or better or the same my life is. Crossing fingers for the better.

I will try more Feng Shui remedies to see how it affects my life. Stay tuned!

Dr. Meow Mix

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