George Lucas ruins everything – again!

[adrotate banner=”1″]George Lucas is still on a rampage after destroying his legacy with the prequel trilogy. Beyond the upcoming Star Wars live action TV series Lucas has announced a Star Wars sitcom to be done with the Robot Chicken guys. In addition, there will be another animated Star Wars series for preschoolers. Basically, Lucas doesn’t have enough money and wants more more more. Not that anyone should be surprised after the Christmas Special fiasco. I’ve not cared for any new Star Wars material for years, having been burnt out. But – One good thing has come from the Star Wars Prequels. The reviews of RedLetterMedia. Besides being some of the best film deconstruction criticism ever, they are thoroughly entertaining and even better then the actual movies they are tearing apart. And they have the added benefit of being 1000000 times better than any other video reviewer, putting them all to shame. Which is good, as most of them are horrible on their lonesome. Most YouTube video reviewers are so bad they’ve inspired me to never to video reviews. RedLetterMedia shows that good video reviews are possible. So day…

Since part one of the Attack of the Clones review is back up after a dumb copyright claim problem (luckily I downloaded the videos just in case…) here is a link. Not safe for work for language reasons, but you shouldn’t be watching 90 minute videos at work. Without also hiring me at a job where I get paid to watch YouTube!

Check out his other reviews and his website for more cool stuff!

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