Star Trek: Hidden Frontier – 209 – Worst Fears Part I

Star Trek: Hidden Frontier – 209 – Worst Fears Part I

2001 Official Site
Directed by Risha Denney

Not a cliffhanger! I don’t think I can wait another year to… Oh, wait, I don’t have to since the entire show is finished. That’s the power of procrastination! Laziness wins again. You can’t fight the lazy, because it won’t bother to show up to the boxing ring.

This is the end of Season 2, and what a magical ride it’s been. We had characters leave, die, and disappear. We’ve had new characters show up. We have the Grey invading multiple times. We got people with big ears. We got improved makeup effects. We got alternate universes and flashbacks. We even have Chimp Guy! Thus, it is the best season yet. But let’s get this episode out of the way!

Captain Ian Quincy Knapp (David W. Dial) – Still Angry! His brother was killed by the Dominion, and left Captain Knapp angry! Had a mysterious encounter during the Dominion War (The Dominion who killed his brother) with mystery aliens that made him angry, and now that he commands Deep Space 12 and the USS Excelsior he can take out his anger over his brother’s death with flaming kill-lasers. Did I mention his brother was killed?
Commander Elizabeth Shelby (Risha Denney) – Stop standing in Shelby’s way or I’ll kick your butt! Shelby’s back and being Shelby and stuff.
Dr. Henglaar (John Whiting) – Medical Doctor, Tellarite, and an actual interesting character. No longer wearing a pig nose and Muppet gloves thanks to John Whiting learning the magic of makeup effects. John Whiting rules. He’s really kosher.
Lt. Cmd. James Darwin (Cliff Gardner) – Darwin replaces Joseph Johns in doing whatever the hell it was Joseph Johns did. He’s sort of like an extra first officer for Captain Angry. Darwin was on the old USS Angeles show, so he is another holdover.
Admiral Nechayev (Renee Huberstock) – The best admiral ever is now a semi-main character, appearing in pretty much every episode and yelling at everyone. Renee Huberstock was a day player in several episodes in Season 1, now she has a permanent role, so they’ll need another person to play random background women. Will Captain Angry and Admiral Angry yell at each other? Heck yeah!

Guest Star Roll Call

Princess Illiana (Katie Moss) – Princess Illiana flees her homeworld which is under attack by the Grey, like they are every day for a million years or something. Then they want the Federation to send thousands of ships to defend their big ear culture in the middle of nowhere. Yeah, that will work! Illiana is a Tren’La, which is like a Cobra’La, except not at all. But she does have big ears, so big Spock gets all jealous. But Spock would never admit it, because he’s a Vulcan.
Aris (John Reynolds) – Illiana’s son who becomes friends with Artim and they pal around and become tactical geniuses who save the day. He’s got extra brains in those big ears. Or extra ear wax. That he uses to throw at people. The Ferengi regularly mock his tiny ears.
Commodore Cole (Jennifer Cole)- Oh, crap, I forgot to write up a bio of Commodore Cole! Oh, crap, I still didn’t write one and now this is published. Maybe next time!

The teaser is Aris (the kid with freakish earlobes last seen in Episode 201) getting all Blair Witched! Jump to the credits!

Admiral Necheyev has come for an inquiry as to why a Galaxy class ship got incapacitated, referencing Episode 207, and relieves Captain Angry of command. He is angry, but now it is impotent rage. Necheyev drinks your tears, Captain Angry!

Suddenly one of those fold ships de-folds outside the station. Inside is another earlobe dude named Kaz who says the Grey are coming. Those darn Confederates…oh, wait, the alien Greys. Okay.

A Grey fleet is massing, so Admiral Necheyev tells Commodore Cole and Commander Shelby to get the fleet ready to fleet fight!

Captain Angry’s daughter goes to talk to Aris, who acts strange, which is normal since she also is always acting strange. It is all very strange.

The fleet must blow up the Grey Fleet! But Shelby and Angry think it is a trap. Admiral Necheyev don’t give a crap what Captain Angry thinks and tells him tomorrow he is getting board of inquiries so he should go hang with his daughter and watch while she gets all his crew killed.

The fleet goes off to get trapped, but the enemy Grey fleet is only three ships! Kaz screams and collapses, then three Christmas tree Grey ships appear around Deep Space 12.

To be continued…

Wow, short! Will Chimp Guy save the day in Season Three? We’ll find out…when TarsTarkas.NET stops being so lazy and gets around to watching the next season!

Rated 3/10 (Drinking coffee, bad tasting coffee, result of no coffee)

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