Jiang Luxia and Chrissie Chau to bust vampires!

[adrotate banner=”1″]Twitch got news that Jiang Luxia and Chrissie Chau will be teaming up to fight vampire, kung fu style. As Vampire cops! And no title was given for this film, making my Google Alerts Fu very sad.

Dennis Law sez:
“It’s about kung-fu vampire killers. I want to combine the basic elements of BAD BLOOD and WOMB GHOSTS – ghosts and kung fu together in a kind of Chinese underworld movie, set in the present day. The heroes are a team of vampire police – police operating in the vampire world. Chrissie will be one of them, together with Jiang Lu Xia (from BAD BLOOD). I want to combine martial arts actors from the mainland with Chrissie and some pretty young models from Hong Kong to make an exciting vampire kung fu movie for young people. I’ve also got Chin Siu Ho, from Mr. VAMPIRE. He’s in his late 40s, now but can still fight! Also Yuen Wah will star as the big evil vampire. In the supporting cast I’ll also have Maggie Siu and Pinky Cheung. We’ve got the script and production will start in early June, so probably we’ll be releasing it early next year.”

Uh…I saw Bad Blood this past weekend, and it had some good and a lot of bad (review coming soon) but Jiang Luxia was great in it despite the fact they made her mute. Maybe she’ll get to talk in this one and not be all somber like in Coweb. A little personality is all I ask. Since we dumped the Chrissie Chau glam shots in the news article for Beach Spike, we’ll have to dig up some different pictures to close out this article… And good luck getting good shots of Jiang Luxia doing anything. When TarsTarkas.NET shows up on the first page of Google Image Search it is time to redefine your search terms.

Random Chrissie Chau:

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