More Vacation movies coming?

[adrotate banner=”1″]The National Lampoon’s Vacation films (although the last one – Vegas Vacation – did not have the National Lampoon name IIRC) are among the modern classic films that everyone of my generation grew up with. Even if Vegas Vacation sucked, the original and Christmas Vacation are timeless classics that my children will undoubtedly one day watch, and then roll their eyes and go back to their holographic Playstation 7s. But enough of a vision of the future, the franchise looks like it might get dusted off again, this time brought back with son Rusty Griswold following the family tradition of road trips. Since three of the Rusty Griswolds have gone on to achieve fame (Ethan Embry, Johnny Galecki, and original Rusty Anthony Michael Hall) we have three potential leads, or they can follow tradition and just get a new Rusty. There are three surviving Audreys ( European Vacation’s Dana Hill passed away, she can also be seen on TarsTarkas.NET in Combat Academy) to choose from as well. It is expected that Chevy Chase and Beverly D’Angelo will show up as grandma and grandpa to make people like me feel old. This is a franchise revisit I don’t mind, because they aren’t rebooting it, they are continuing it in a realistic fashion. More on the news here.

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