Cecilia Cheung's TV Interview

[adrotate banner=”1″]Here is the youtube video of Cecilia Cheung’s interview about the Edison Chen scandal. If you speak Cantonese than it should be no problem understanding. For those of you who are English speakers, this article will tell you what you need to know

6 thoughts on “Cecilia Cheung's TV Interview

  1. I think she was a victim. No need to ask publish to forgive and apologize to. This was her own business. Publish, pls mind your own business.

    Wood Man(from Canada)

    • I don’t think any of the girls should have their career ruined over this. The media in Hong Kong is far more harsh than in America and the public less forgiving. The reaction from Gillian was handled horribly, but Cecilia was already out of the limelight and between that and being a mother she seems to be getting more of a pass, but I don’t think she’ll have another movie role for another year or two at least. Hopefully there is more restraint the next time something like this happens, because it will happen again. There might even be more of the original pictures, I am convinced it was a blackmail attempt and they got paid off to stop.

  2. I think the Chinese Entertains is very cold blood. Hey, come on this is human lives. Once you got a little mistakes. The result will serve you to a death sentences. Very….. cold blood. Come on, Cecillia gotta make for her living. God not punishes her yet. So, why shall we? Huh? Humans are already carried their sins when they were born. Now, it is the right time for us to make it back that God has given to us. God already forgave Cecillia. Once she knew that she went wrong. God will bless you “Cecillia.”

    • Something weird is going on because they pulled the second part of the interview and didn’t air it. Considering the ratings it would have gotten there must have been something in there. Gillian gets an interview this weekend so that will be interesting as well. Maybe Gillian and Cecilia can do a buddy film together.

  3. Cecilia should shut her mouth and not blame Edison. She has to bear her own foolishness of filming her own masturbation. There were no pictures of her and Edison together, so WTH she wants to point finger at him. She has a history of bad behaviour, sleeping with different men before she got married. Who in the sane mind who is a well-known actress would dare take such horrid erotic nude pictures of herself and when it leaks out she is saying she was like a victim,
    Who is crying crocodile tears now? She sounds like a hypocrite garnering sympathy from the public to support her come back, now pushing blame to Edison. Actresses in limelight should be iin top behaviour at all times. She’s just a shameless bitch who doesnt deserve public support. Better be a good wife and mother and stay a secluded life.

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