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[adrotate banner=”1″]Edison Chen is the gift that keeps on giving if you like crazy dramas. We got three more stories, including more information on what he said at his hearing, and some news of two of the affected girls, Cecilia Cheung and Gillian Chung:


The Hong Kong pop star at the centre of a sex photos scandal says some of those photos were taken by the women who had sex with him.

Edison Chen was in court today in Vancouver, testifying in a case in which computer technician Sze Ho-chun, 23, was accused of distributing the photos of Chen performing sex acts with well-known starlets.

While Chen admitted that most of the 328 photos submitted in court today were taken by him, he claimed 40 of them were taken by the women in the photos.

Chen was ordered by the judge to answer a question raised by the defendent’s lawyer to identify the four women in the string of sex photos. The four names are: Cecilia Pak-Chi Cheung, Gillian Yan-Tung Chung, Bo Bo Man-Wun Chan and Rachel Sze-Wing Ngan.

In the court today, Chen once refused to identify the women, saying they have suffered enough. But the judge insisted that he must answer the question.

The fact that the women took some of the photos is apparently a big deal for some reason, probably due to the fact many people still believe women can’t do anything sexual and are always the victims of evil men. Whatever. These girls knew what was going on and was cool with it. It should not be a career destroying event, and you would think a country with 1.4 billion people would be aware of sex. Still, things are better than if this happened in India!
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Cecilia Cheung breaks down and reveals inside story of Edison Chen

Source: The title and content are directly translated from Oriental Daily
Translated by travelbug @

Confirmed as one of the victims involved in a sex photos scandal, yesterday Cecilia Cheung accepted an interview for the first time since the incident. According to sources, after a year of silence, Cecilia made a declaration of love to her husband; when she talked about her family, her emotions stirred and she cried.

Since the sex photos scandal happened, Cecilia has never spoken in response to this incident. However, yesterday evening in a low profile manner, Cecilia went to Tsuen Wan for an exclusive interview with i-CABLE Entertainment News anchorman and good friend Au Wing Kyun, she stayed there for a long time before leaving quietly.

A year of self punishment
It was learned that during the interview Cecilia poured out her feelings, she even replied when asked sensitive topics. Besides talking about her career, family, father-in-law Tse Yin, mother-in-law Deborah Lai and husband Nicholas Tse, she also mentioned her love connection with Edison Chen. When Cecilia talked about her love relationships, she said someone was dishonest, unreliable, pretended to be a good person, caused the female artists a lot of distress, she also pointed out that someone lied, the content was shocking.

Referring to the sex photos incident, Cecilia said: “I accepted this mistake, I self imprisoned, this year I haven’t seen anyone.” About her family’s support, she wanted to thank her father and mother-in-law, and also gave special thanks to her husband Nicholas for his support, she said: “A good husband like him is impossible to find!” Immediately she couldn’t help crying.

It was understood that during the interview, Cecilia thanked Tse Yin and Deborah for their love and also praised them as ‘over 100 points’ good father and mother-in-law. In addition, Cecilia made a declaration of love to her husband, showing her deep feelings; about her career, she said if there is a good script, she will make a comeback to film. But if she becomes pregnant, then the baby is first priority. When she mentioned her family, Cecilia couldn’t suppress her emotions and started crying.

In fact, Cecilia was interviewed secretly and i-CABLE was very low-key because it was during the sensitive period of Edison’s court hearing. It was known that i-CABLE invited a team of lawyers to filter out the content before airing, also the company was very nervous about this interview and only a few people knew of it.

Nicholas casually said no comment
As for Cecilia’s husband Nicholas, yesterday he appeared relaxed in Chai Wan. Around 3pm, Nicholas and his assistant left his home and went by car to Chai Wan for work. When Nicholas got off his car, he was relaxed, when asked about Edison confirming Cecilia as one of the victims, he put his hand on the reporter’s shoulder and said smilingly: “(We’ll) talk about this later.” Then he went with his assistant to the photo studio. Nicholas stayed for an hour before leaving, when he left he put one hand in his pocket, in this cool pose he let the reporters take as many pictures as they wanted, then he waved goodbye to the media, he appeared friendly and not affected by the incident. Asked how Cecilia is feeling at the moment, Nicholas did not respond, then left in his manager Mani Fok’s car and headed for EEG in Wanchai.

About Edison hoping the victims can lead a normal life as soon as possible, yesterday when Eric Tsang attended an event, he said: “I can see he thinks for the good of the women involved, I will support him, if there is a suitable role I’ll ask him.”

[adrotate banner=”1″]Crienglish has more news of Gillian Chung pretty much committed to having a comeback:

Unaffected Gillian Chung Plans Comeback after Edison’s Hearing

Hong Kong singer-actress Gillian Chung insists on work resumption beginning this March, despite the daunting news that she was confirmed as one of the victims implicated in the Edison Chan’s sex-photo scandal.

When Gillian Chung finally pulled herself together for a promising comeback this March, the confirmation news would actually be so intimidating, however, the actress, courageous enough, decides to face the music and move on along the way.

The singer, reeling from the nude photo scandal since the beginning last year, largely remained out of the public attention since the scandal broke.

But don’t call it a comeback, she’s been here for years! Sorry, I love that joke.
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