Movies you will Never See – Tokyo 1960

So did you know there is a Filipino giant monster film that may or may not star Godzilla? Tokyo 1960 may or may not be clips from the 1954 Gojira spliced into new footage of Filipino actors. Why all the “may or may not”s? Because the film is lost forever, and we known nothing about it but a few posters. All we know was it came out in 1957. Is this the Filipino version of Raymond Burr or Cozzilla? The director is Teodorico C. Santos and it stars Tessie Quintana, Eddie Del Mar, and Zaldy Zshornack. Of course, Cirio H. Santiago produced it.
Tokyo 1960
Tokyo 1960
Susie Arabia is awesome
Poster found here with other cool films

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Written by Tars Tarkas

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