Keanu Reeves to star in live action Cowboy Bebop

[adrotate banner=”1″]I heard he had been pushing for this for a while. I doubt I will see this because I just don’t care about anime. But maybe it will be a trainwreck or a masterpiece. Probably a trainwreck. Toxic spill-style.

Keanu Saddles Up for Cowboy Bebop

Keanu Reeves is going intergalactic again.

He of the comforting monotone has hitched his wagon to 20th Century Fox’s big-screen adaptation of the acclaimed Japanese anime series Cowboy Bebop, which is set in 2071, 50 years after a massive lunar explosion decimated Earth’s population and necessitated the colonization of the entire solar system.

Per the Hollywood Reporter, Reeves is attached to play Spike Siegel, a reformed criminal turned space cowboy and copilot of the Bebop, who, like a character from the actor’s past, is well-versed in kung fu and other combat skills, but is toting around quite a few personal demons.

No word yet on who’s in line to play Spike’s copilot, Jet Black, a onetime Inter-Solar System cop with a mechanical arm, but so far we’re liking the whole Firefly-Battlestar Galactica-Bill & Ted vibe.

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