Rare Movie Time!!!! – War God (1976)

War God (Chinese Title: Wang Yu or Guan Yu, aka Calamity) A 1976 film.
UPDATE: Read our review of War God here!
A Chinese film that seems influenced by tokusatsu/Daimajin films. The giant guy walking around is Guan Yu.
Several Photos ganked from here, which ganked them from somewhere else in the Circle of Ganking that is the Internet. Here is another site that has a review and photos (I am sure you are fluent in reading Chinese!)

Wang Yu 2
Wang Yu 3
Wang Yu 4
Wang Yu 5
Wang Yu 6
Wang Yu 7

More info:
Chinese Movie Database

A Babelfish translation of the plot:

Some people asked in I first two Jin’gang mentioned the Duke Guan fights the alien is any thing, do not suspect! Really has this piece, but the content said really I am not clear, because I have not looked, wants to look that could also not find Arab League Arab League…Isn’t that time has many this kinds to imitate the date to absorb the movie especially, has Hong Kong’s China to exceed others in ability, actually very definite is this piece of Duke Guan who Hong Kong or Taiwan shoot fights the alien (war-god), but also has the comparison later period pieces and so on big snake king who lucky pulls in accordance to the elder brother appears. However this piece of Duke Guan fights a piece which the alien is probably I most wants to look, the Duke Guan idol manifesting a spirit war invades Earth’s alien! Is really ? to lets the human think the backward somersault Arab League Arab League Arab League Arab League Arab League Arab League Arab League!!! Outside below the star monster’s picture looks not clearly…However is probably similar old dives the water carrier hard helmet to bring changes…I have mail a letter the Taibei movie material hall to inquire whether my friend does have this piece, but he is probably is disinclined to manage me, before there has the piece which one is also dazzles, is called the chivalrous person sika, is a person puts on the plum blossom road to dress up…, has looked the human bursts certainly out laughing! The bottommost has this chart playbill to supply the reference, what I knew at least is…The Taibei movie material hall should have this piece of sika…In brief! If war-god this piece some who do know to where some looked…Asks to inform me!

Arab League? Plus half of this translation is the guy trying to find the film, so that probably makes any effort by you or me not look that hot, either. I want to find this film, but as long as I don’t know if it still exists, I can’t add it to my top ten want list. Off to the “If it still exists” pile, which is sadly far too long already.

More photos!

war god 1
war god 2
war god 3
war god 4
war god 5
war god 6
war god 7
war god 8

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