Update on the Edison Chen crisis

[adrotate banner=”1″]The Edison Chen porn pictures scandal is in crisis! We’ve mentioned the beginning of the scandal here, and gave another update here. Now new developments have forced this scandal into crisis mode! You see, nothing new has been released! That’s wholly unacceptable! I demand these blackmailers release the rest of the photos immediately, or else I will blackmail them! Not to nice when the shoe is on the other foot, now is it?

Anyway, Edison Chen dropped out of the Hong Kong Entertainment Industry. But that doesn’t mean he can’t make movies in Singapore!!! Yes, Edison dove for this loophole like it was a Hong Kong starlet holding a camera, and will soon be filming an art-house love story co-starring Hsu Chi (aka Shu Qi) who’s mention in this post alone will get me far too many hits.

But what about the female talent on display? Well, as far as Bobo Chan Man-Woon is concerned, she’s not getting married. And no once cares about her, so moving on…

Gillian Chung Yan-Tung is reportedly meeting with a Hollywood producer to map out a career in America. The small catch is the producer is Elliott J. Brown (who??) best known as a star on Saved by the Bell: The New Class (WTF??) But he produced the short film Superhero Divorce so of course he’s the biggest name in US production. She’s being rightfully mocked for that, and is also mysteriously missing in the latest ad campaign featuring the non-nude Twin Charlene Choi. I would have predicted Gillian resurrect her career with soft-core schlock from Wong Jing, and that may happen if Screech is unavailable to be her manager, as he also has sex-tape experience. Maybe Mr. Belding is free.

Cecilia Cheung is still married, and as she was somewhat wild before settling down for marriage and babies, she’s probably okay for now. She’s married into a powerful entertainment family, so expect her to show up again.

One good thing about this scandal is it showed that giant mega-stars are people too. Sure, everyone in China can act all shocked, but there isn’t 1.3 billion Chinese because they all play the abstinence card.

Still, we remain in crisis mode until the remaining pictures are liberated. Only YOU can save us now, by posting everything you have! Post away, blackmailers! You got paid anyway so it’s all good.

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