Guilala casting news!

Guilala is in the news again, as The Monster X Strikes Back: Attack the G8 Summit has some casting:

Natsuki Kato, Kazuki Kato, Susumu Kurobe, Yosuke Natsuke (aka Yosuke Natsuki), and Beat Takeshi (aka Takeshi Kitano).

and a plot synopsis:

Attack the G8 Summit from the production: “In the summer of 2008, the G8 Summit is held at Lake Toya, a beautiful resort near the volcano in Hokkaido. At the same time, a Chinese rocket falls onto the island, causing a monster to be born from a spore attached to the rocket. The monster, Guilala, moves toward the summit conference site in pursuit of volcanic energy. The U.S. president proclaims, ‘I will never yield to any monsters! Nobody calls me a chicken.’ Other leaders reluctantly switch the sign board from ‘G8 Summit’ to ‘Guilala Task Force’. Now they have to terminate Guilala to show their countries’ power and prestige. The first mission is a missile attack by Japan, then Italy, Germany, and…. Deadly combat between human beings and the monster from outer space continues. However, when everyone starts to give up, a journalist finds a strange group worshipping the traditional idol at the lakeside.”

Natsuki Kato
Natsuki Kato

Kazuki Kato
Kazuki Kato

Susumu Kurobe

Yosuke Natsuke

Takeshi Kitano

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Original article at TarsTarkas.NET

UPDATE: Twitch is reporting:

And Kitano’s not just going to appear in Kawasaki’s Guilala’s Counter Attack: The Touyaku Summit One-Shot Crisis, nope. He’s playing the final hero of the piece, a blatant Daimajin knock off called Takemajin.

So we’ll have a monster fight! Rock!

And here is what Takemajin will look like, thanks to Undead Backbrain!

Daimajin meets Goldar meets Hindu gods…

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