Hong Kong Sex Scandal – Edison Chen, cameras, and many Hong Kong leading ladies!

The biggest news out of Hong Kong this past week is Edison Chen and his fantastic porn collection. It seems that Edison Chen likes to take photos of the women he’s banging, and as they are mostly high profile Hong Kong actresses, singers, and performers, that makes him have one heck of a private collection. Now, Edison Chen took his computer in to get repaired on day, and lo and behold suddenly hundreds of the photos were copies and are now popping up on the internet. Major starlets in a country where most serious performers don’t get naked. We’re talking potentially ruined careers, ruined relationships, and a major drama bomb of Hiroshima proportions mushroom clouding over the entire Hong Kong entertainment industry. And that means it is a whole lot of fun to see the drama unfolding!

Originally the photos were declared fakes. This was when I first heard of them, and thought it was just some non-issue where some celeb porn faker got in trouble in China. Then people got arrested, and more people got arrested. This got my interest up again, because why are so many people being arrested for fake porn? But it turns out the photos aren’t fake, and people getting arrested had real photos on their hard drive. The Chinese police declared they got everyone, then suddenly a poster named Kira put up more photos of Gillian! The police look like idiots, and Kira declares he’s not afraid of them because he’s not even in Hong Kong. So it looks like we’ll be getting more porn soon. Props to Kira, and Ha-HAH to the HK Police. If the police are so concerned with pornography, why aren’t they going after Edison himself? Obviously this is just a bunch of hypocritical bull that will end up with a bunch of random people thrown in jail while Edison gets his current girlfriend to suck him off some more making more photos. Such is the state of China today.
edison and gillian
Who are the actresses? Currently, Twins performer Gillian Chung is the biggest name on there, and has a stunning 53 photos out so far (with promises of a 32 minute video to come by releaser Kira) Gillian Chung’s squeaky-clean image is in jeopardy and there has been no real response from her camp. There are rumors of an attempted suicide, but they are just rumors and her manager has been stated that she has the flu right now. Maybe it’s the same thing as the “exhaustion” Hollywood celebs get all the time. Gillian can be seen in Protoge de la Rose Noire on TarsTarkas.NET. She was previously the victim of a photo scandal where someone took secret camera shots of her changing in a dressing room. Here, both her and Edison enjoy gobbling down on each other’s privates.

Cecilia Cheung is an actress/singer who is married to Nicholas Tse and recently had a child with him (she is seen on TarsTarkas.NET in The Promise. The photos with her were taken before all that. And it’s nice to know if you ever date her you need a weedwacker! I’m just saying. What is also weird is she looks drunk/drugged out of her gourd on many of the pictures, so possibly Edison Chen might get in trouble over that (but not if he keeps hiding in Canada)

The other big on that has photos out is Bobo Chan, who is some sort of TV presenter I’ve barely heard of. Bobo Chan was to get married soon, but not anymore! It’s probably not a good idea to marry someone named Bobo anyway.

There are also three unidentified women, who could be anyone at this point but there are some theories that they might be famous as well. The HK press is having a field day, and have also identified women who have been in relationships with Chen as well that may have photos released soon: Maggie Q (Mission Impossible 3, Naked Weapon) Elva Hsiao, Jolin Tsai, Niki Chow, Rain Li and Rosanne Wong Yuen-Kwun.

Quick photo count:
Gillian Chung (53 photos)
Bobo Chan (47 photos)
Cecilia Cheung (11 photos)

The three unidentified women are said to resemble:
Rachel Ngan (10 photos)
Mandy Chen Yu-Ju (41 photos)
Candice Chan Si-Wai (48 photos)

Some other photos said to resemble Japanese AV star Yu Chiu

Edison Chen has released an apology video. But if you look at the apology, it is not really an apology and just blames the computer guy, Edison takes no responsibility for being so careless with the revealing photos.

Still, if you don’t want your wang or cooze flashed all over the internet, don’t take naked pictures! Especially if you are a celebrity and this could hurt your career. I have a feeling this will be like the Hoang Thuy Linh scandal in Vietnam where actress Hoang Thuy Linh’s career was basically destroyed by a sex tape but the guy who made the tape will get away with no cultural repercussions. (four people who copied and uploaded the tape were arrested)
Cecilia Cheung and the underwear of doom!
The outrage isn’t the fact that people are having sex, it is the fact that the country can’t deal with it. Both China and India are crazily conservative on that aspect, despite the fact that they have like 3 billion people total and they didn’t all get here by storks. Still, I bet Edison’s career is back on track a lot quicker than any of the ladies.

I can tell you that 210 of the pictures are not at http://www.megaupload.com/?d=MHH0AHSL

No they are not.

UPDATE: More photos of Gillian, Cecilia, and Bobo were released over the weekend, but the video of Gillian that was promised is a no-show. Photos of Vincy (Edison’s current girlfriend) also appeared of her in the shower. As she is 17, it is probably not a good idea to be showing the photos if you live in the USA (as age of consent in HK is 16, Edison won’t be arrested for that.) Also, word is a movie of Edison and Maggie Q appeared on a Chinese forum and it was shut down immediately. No word on if it is true as of this time.

Current theory on Kira is he is actually two or three people who attempted to blackmail Edison, Edison ticked them off, and now they are releasing sets of photos in an attempt to strongarm money off of him to stop. We’ll see what happens as the case continues to develop.

UPDATE 2: Gillian had a press conference today, but no new picture/movie releases. Rumors a rife that Kira is dead or caught by HK police. There is no conformation on any of this and it’s probably all rumors. If anything else shows up I’ll keep you posted. Gillian said

‘The scandal has been a great deal of hurt for me and the people around me. I admit I was naive and foolish in the past but I am already a grown-up now. I would like to thank my manager, company, family and friends for their support. I’m sorry for the trouble that it has caused to the society. I will work even harder and bravely face up to my life in future. I also thank the media for their concern and fans for their unwavering support.’

Yeah. Whatever. Young and naive multiple times with multiple costumes.
twins gillian and charlene

UPDATE 3: It looks like a Maggie Q picture has dropped as HK police arrest suspect number 9 in this case. This picture is rather disappointing:

maggie q and edison Chen

UPDATE 4: Kira remains silent, rumors of his death/being paid off abound, and more fake Maggie Q items show up online. Here is a posting translated that gives an example of the rumors going around:

Latest News!
Kira received 7 million HK dollars, disappears forever.
Beijing, Feb 12, 2008

The curtain has dropped: According to friends in HK, all the photos we have seen thus far were screen captures from videos. Gill’s photos were the first 10 minutes of the video, why? Because it was a used as a bargaining chip for extortion. Secondly, the audio of the video involves the reputation of many other big-name celebrities.
Gaoqing (who?) has over 1000 photos alone, and they were partially released last year. The first time Edison’s photo got released was the result of a hacker. This hacker has the most complete data. In order to protect himself from hackers and trojans, he transferred part of his data to his Apple computer. Apple does not run Windows, and most trojan are designed towards windows. The photos that were stolen during his computer repair is only a small part, and that is to the person we come to know as Kira. Photos of Vincy Yeung released on the 9th was unexpected from EEG Music. As we know, Edison’s photo all came in a set, and every women has a complete collection including the sexual parts. Usually they are released in few numbers first, then released in completion. So Vincy has a complete collection too.

Kira’s upload on the 9th, 4:45 is the last upload from Kira. He had an agreement with EEG in the amount of 700 hk dollars. Why did Gill’s manager said Gill would appear on the 11th? Because they have came to an agreement with Kira. After the money is received he needs 24 hours to confirm payment, also time for him to flee. As a matter of fact, the photos he has have already been uploaded to various free servers in the United States and Europe. If the discussion does not fall into place or if anything were to happen to him, he has set automatic emails that would email the links to his trustworthy friends, so they can spread the files. The reason Gill appears in front of the media on the 11th, and the fact that she had a big smile on her face, was because she knew the ordeal has came to a rest.

What’s Kira’s gain for showing us the photos? What does he get by destroying the life of these celebrities? He is not a warrior of morals, he’s just a regular Hong Kong citizen. Money is his ultimate choice. So everyone, stop calling for him, he has disappears forever. From tomorrow, there’s a lot more entertainers going to entertain us, and the danger is over. It is disappointed for us, but we all know the reason behind Kira’s action.

The photos actually were stolen a long time ago. At first Kira talked to Edison, asking for 5 million HK dollars, but was not agreed upon. Edison was afraid he won’t be able to get back all the photos. He looked for Yeung Shou Cheng (EEG’s president) to him on the matter. Eventually, Kira released some information to the media, the magazines last year briefly mentioned this matter. However because of EEG’s influential power, magazines were afraid to show the photos nor pay Kira. Through the of magazine’s editor, one of the three members from Kira’s group was found. He knew whether he surrender the photos or not, he was doomed. He did not say anything while being question, and was eventually killed. The other two then fled to Southeast Asia, and again try to distort EEG and Edison. Befor the matter gains public attention Edison already knew, because both parties could not agree on a price, this time Kira was asking more than 10 millions. Edison took a private car to Shenzhen, then to Macau, took a private plane from his dad’s friend to the United States, and look for Vincy Yeung to his cause. Yeung Shou Cheng thought he could handle the matter, but eventually it was still not solved. Kira has decided to raise the price, and released the photos the night when Edison fled HK. Since that day Kira has been raising his price every day. It is believed Kira is in Thailand and Indonesia, and Kira is a group of two, and the data has been uploaded to the United States.
Do not think you have seen the best of all, why hasn’t C10’s and Maggie Q’s photo being released? Because Kira hasn’t gotten the right price, or because of safety reason, there isn’t a safe way for him to get paid.
Right now, both parties are fighting. The involvement of HK police has propelled this tension to its maximum. If Kira is sure he couldn’t get his money, there’s gonna be a monster upload, but not all. The reason is because there’s heavy involvement from other celebrities, including HK, China and Taiwan. If Kira wants to live longer than Edison, he would have to have something to protect himself from.

It is obvious what is going to happen to Edison, he’s going to die unnaturally.

Vincy’s 3 photos was a declaration of power to EEG, showing Kira has even better materials. This action forced EEG to come to the table, leaving the police behind. Bobo’s photos that were uploaded today were no longer of importance, since she was only a sacrifice in this whole matter. However, Vincy, C10 and Maggie Q, definitely will not be released today. Because this is Kira’s ultimate chip. And the most controversial material in Kira’s collection? I dare not say, because I don’t want to die before Edison does.

Trust my information and do not ask me where the information is from. Use your head to decide whether this is true.

UPDATE 5: Two photos of Rachel Ngan appeared on a message board (香港高登) today (Feb 14th). The post was quickly deleted and information turned over to the police. Rachel Ngan is an actress who is best known here for Gen-Y Cops. The poster posted under “牛腩3号” and it is not known if he is Kira (or one of the suspected several Kira people) It is clear that this matter isn’t as dead as it appeared to be recently.

UPDATE 6: And Edison has resigned from the HK entertainment industry. No new photos in a while, maybe Kira got paid off? Hopefully more drama happens soon, this is too fun of a ride to be over! SexyPhotosGate Forever!

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