2009 record breaking year for alien visits!

Aliens have been coming to Earth more and more this year, but not out of any good-hearted nature. In fact, man of the aliens don’t even have hearts because they don’t have circulatory systems, but that is a different post. I, Dr. Mobusu, have been monitoring alien visits with great interest, because the occasional capture of alien craft gives great bounties of technology and alien DNA for splicing into new, awesome monsters to terrify my enemies. Recently, it looks like several alien races are competing for influence on Earth among the power elite because they think there will be a big, cataclysmic event soon. Whatever event it may be, it is not anything of mine. Dr. Mobusu is insulted that the event they think will happen is not one of his own, so I will make sure the event fails to come to pass and the Earth is destroyed entirely by Dr. Mobusu-related events! Earthquakes? No. Giant tyrannosaurus rexes with wings attacking Detroit? Yes! Floods? No. Robots who collect human ears? Yes! MuHAHAHAHAHAHAHAA! Death to all aliens!


By Gemma Wheatley

UFO experts are expecting a “huge surge” in visits from ET this year.

Ministry of Defence specialists reckon a massive increase in UFO sightings in the last few weeks suggests aliens are trying to get in touch with us.

And they predict there could be at least one “close encounter” a day over the next 12 months.

The news comes after these amazing drawings, left, were revealed to the Daily Star. They were made by children who claimed a UFO landed in their school playground.

The children also reported seeing a “scrawny man with rugby ball eyes”. They had never seen pictures or watched images on television of aliens, yet their drawings were all spookily alike.

Nick Pope, who used to run the UFO project at the Ministry of Defence, says he is bombarded with images and videos of UFOs every week.

In the past month he has seen figures almost double as thousands of Brits report sightings across the country.

So far this year the British UFO Research Association (BUFORA) has logged nine reports. Nick has also received reports of 14 incidents since the start of the year.

And he said: “2009 is shaping up to be a record-breaking year. I have noticed a dramatic upsurge of reports since the beginning of the year.

“If I continue to receive reports at the current rate I’ll get one a day, which is likely to exceed the combined total of MoD and BUFORA, most remarkable given that I don’t actively solicit reports.”

The school sighting took place in Zimbabwe in 1994.

About 60 children reported seeing three silver balls in the sky before one of them landed. One of the pupils described the object as “silver and the ring around it was red… lights along the edge”.

Another said he saw strange beings with “astonished eyes”.

None of the teachers saw the “landing” as they were all in a meeting at the time.

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