Bootleg Ultraman IS Red Jade!

Ultraman is a hero everyone loves, and the best way to love someone is to produce films with mysteriously similar characters. Enter Red Jade, a new upcoming film that looks like some of the latest Ultraman movies, except now it’s in Hong Kong and his name is Red Jade. Also the monsters look bigger and there are more alien ships. Probably a lot more random people being slaughtered.

Red Jade is from Worldwide Film Entertainment, and is fully funded to hopefully show up in 2015. The effects sizzle reel is above, there is not other information about Red Jade at this time except the poster and plot blurb:

An archeology student and his professor who find that vandals have loosened a ferocious earth-bound monster wrecking havoc on the city of Hong Kong, then discover a talisman that turns the young scholar into a super-hero.

Regardless of the snark, I shall be watching, and I demand it be entertaining! Because I’m the kind of person who can make demands.

Worldwide Film Entertainment via BeyondHollywood

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