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Glenn Beck slimes his way into movie production

Glenn Beck My Little Pony Brony
As you may have guessed from the numerous articles over the years slamming Glenn Beck, we do not think too highly of him here at TarsTarkas.NET. But Glenn Beck is good at one thing, and that’s grifting right wingers out of money. After getting booted from FoxNews for just being too darn crazy, Beck set up his own television station, GBTV, which eventually merged with his other media works into the channel TheBlaze (under parent company Mercury Radio Arts). Now Mercury Radio Arts is expanding to the world of film, a world Beck has toyed with before thanks to some one night only theatrical productions (such as Man in the Moon)

Now it will be full force, with Mercury Radio Arts having acquired The Studios at Las Colinas and prepping three films. The only details THR had on those films at the moment are one is set in ancient history, one in modern history, and one is faith-based. National Review had more information on two of them. One will deal with the real story of Christmas, and complain about Christmas being too commercialized. I don’t know, that sounds like Commie talk to me! Where’s the Free Market, Glenn? Another film will vilify Thomas Edison, which probably could be a cool story done by anyone else ever. But I will find joy in Glenn Beck making a hitpiece against a capitalist that he would be defending

In addition, other films are projected for longer term, including a film based on Beck’s book The Christmas Sweater, which was optioned to Sony, but they’ve bought the rights back.

Whatever the results may be, here’s hoping Glenn Back finds the same success in producing films that Rick Santorum found when he got involved in Echolight Studios and lost a lot of money as The Christmas Candle flopped. Then again, God’s Not Dead made $40 million, and Heaven is For Real just came out in theaters, so I don’t have a box office tally for that.

Being that this is Glenn Beck, the films will certainly be insane and somehow feature a lot of Glenn Beck, because it’s all about Glenn Beck for Glenn Beck. And they will be trainwrecks! Get your popcorn!

via THR

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Wingnut Web – TarsTarkas.NET Declares War on Christmas!l

Santa Claus, you son of a bitch! You’re going down! Christmas must be destroyed down to the last elf, jingle bell, and reindeer. Why destroy Christmas? Because we are evil! Duh! Thus, when we run into a website like Stand For Christmas ( ), TarsTarkas.NET breaks out the candy cane machine guns! Time to riddle these ho-ho-hoes with some HOLIDAY cheer! Focus on the Family is James Dobson’s political tax-exempt group that was founded before I was born, the same group that hates the gays, hates the evolution, hates the women, hates your freedom, and all in the name of Jesus’s love. And now, if your store doesn’t love Jesus enough for Focus on the Family, you’re gonna get mistletoe shoved up your butt!

Someone explain to me how you are a California non-profit if you are based out of Colorado?

The website rates retailers on how Chirstmassy they are. You are either Christmas Friendly, Negligent, or Offensive. Gap has the most Christmas-Offensive score while Bass Pro Shops is the most Christmas-Friendly.

So let’s check out the Gap and figure out why!

Gap hates Christmas!

Maybe it was just bad customer service instead of a secret war against religion. No, must be a secret war against religion.

I could have sworn it was Thanksgiving…

How dare they suggest that as Americans, we have freedom of religion or something? Those jerks!

This is not widely known, but Jesus was green and red color when he was born

How dare Gap run ads about the several holidays happening now, it must be a conspiracy by Gap to destroy Christmas!

Jesus is the reason for the crotch exposure. And what is Paris Hilton, Britney Spears, and Lindsay Lohan doing in a Gap catalogue?

Only the Federal Government has the right to decide holidays!

Best Buy scored points by mentioning a Muslim holiday in their flyer. By scoring points I mean they scored negative points!

Pilgrims? How many Pilgrims are around today? And should we celebrate their holidays for drowning witches and scarlet letters?

The dumbest part about this site is I have to defend Best Buy, a store I hate for terrible customer service. And what does Minnesota have to do with ANYTHING?

I wanted to buy $4000 of electronic Blu-ray nativity scenes, but not any more!

Another guy supposedly spending $4000? In this economy?

This person is offended that the Muslim holiday is commercialized too much, and that the Christian holiday is not commercialized enough!

Toys R Us hates Jesus

Shameful they haven’t exploited the birthday of our Lord!

Target apparently hates Jesus because they won’t let the Salvation Army outside their store.

Even my Christmas Ham has “Christmas” tattooed on it!

This guy is why most customer service employees want to kill themselves

Nativity hide and seek!

JC Penney’s loves the death!

CHRISTmas is materialistic, that’s why it’s so important for me to shop for CHRISTmas!

I have never seen these books at Boarders, but I wish I did!

Vampire books at Halloween? Barnes & Noble, you monsters! I hear they even sell that monster Sarah Palin’s book!

This lone person destroyed Banana Republic, which now no longer exists!

American Eagle loves porn and hates Jesus

Christmas has not come yet, thus there is more time for Christmas-Offensive cheer! Join Wingnut Web next time, as we bake Rudolph into a pie! Remember, you can’t spell Satan without Santa!

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