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Asteroid vs. Earth in Asylum’s latest scifi thriller!

If you aren’t thrilled by asteroids threatening the planet, then feel free to skip on by, because those of us who are won’t want to miss a thing about the new film Asteroid vs. Earth!

When a shower of massive meteors threatens Earth’s inhabitants with extinction, the world’s greatest minds devise a dangerous plan that will tilt the planet off its axis to avoid the impact.

Yes, you read that right. Instead of going to the asteroid and blowing it up, they’re going to TILT THE FREAKING EARTH! This is some hardcore crazy outside the box thinking, and I’m pretty sure this hasn’t been done before. Tia Carrere stars, along with Robert Davi, Jason Brooks, and Tukov himself, Tim Russ. Christopher Ray (2-Headed Shark Attack) directs, and Adam Lipsius writes (this is his first feature) How are they going to move the Earth? I don’t know, but I hope it involves really big skateboards.

The Asteroid vs Earth Blu-ray is available on Amazon(affiliate link) It hits the street on April 29th!

The real question is who would win in a four-way matchup, Asteroid vs Earth vs Airlane vs Volcano? A question that will haunt us, until we remember that Sharknado would destroy them all!

via Asylum
Asteroid vs Earth

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Alongside Night is the scrawny Libertarian vs. The Man movie YOU demanded!

And by YOU, I mean those readers that are members of the Agorist branch of Libertarianism. You know, the Agorism fans? No, not agoraphobia! Or maybe, all these different Libertarian branches are confusing. But regardless, someone cashed in all their bitcoins and gold bars to finance Alongside Night, the feature film version of Agorism co-creator J. Neil Schulman’s book, which is also being directed by J. Neil Schulman.

Alongside Night features the usual Libertarian dystopian features such as guns, persecution against people who horde gold, FEMA troops, guns, gigantic government conspiracies to cover up economic ideas no one cares about, guns, and guns. Don’t worry, there are TWO cast members from Star Trek: Voyager – Harry Kim and Tuvok – and also Kevin Sorbo as the teen hero’s maybe not really dead dad. Let’s not forget Jake Busey as Not Bill Clinton.

I will say that “Alongside Night” song is pretty catchy. But can they compete with that totally not terrible looking CGI Libertarian movie Silver Circle?

Also Crytohippie Darknet. Yep.

The plot:

The story is set in United States experiencing economic collapse, with inflation increasing rapidly and the government struggling to keep its power. Trading in foreign currency has become illegal and many shops are subject to rationing. As a result there is a black market for most goods. The setting represents the world as Samuel Edward Konkin III conceived it would be just prior to a successful agorist revolution.

The story begins with Elliot Vreeland, son of Nobel Laureate economist Dr Martin Vreeland (an economist of the Austrian school) hearing of his father’s apparent death and being rushed home from school. He discovers quickly that the death is fake, a plot concocted by his father (after receiving a tip-off) to escape arrest by the FBI who are collecting “radicals” accused by the government of worsening the economic crisis.

Eliot is sent by his father to collect some gold coins that had been stored in a safe location, for use as currency during the families intended escape. However, upon his return Eliot finds his family to be missing. Not long afterward, FBI agents enter the house searching for Eliot who manages to escape.

Eliot’s escape results in him becoming acquainted with the Revolutionary Agorist Cadre, an organisation plotting the end of the US government by means of counter-economics. The cadre has grown strong during the years of its existence, and has its own militia. Eliot enlists the help of the Cadre, and meets Lorimer, a girl similarly hiding from the law.
As the novel progresses, government stability weakens still further, and they begin tight controls of communication, travel and trade, however they fail to avert economic collapse, causing the private sector (unions, individuals, syndicates and many others) to take control of the old infrastructure.

Official site

Alongside Night Ron Paul

Alongside Night cryptohippie darknet

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