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The Host 2 footage

The other The Host, aka the good The Host, has a sequel coming out and some footage just popped online which is either actual footage or test footage, but at the very least it shows us what to expect with this sequel. Word about The Host 2 (괴물2) is directed by Park Myeong-chan, but that word is pretty old and may have changed. remember when there was going to be a Chinese sequel to The Host as well? That seems dead for now. But so was the monster and we all know how permanent dead monsters are in horror films…

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The Host 2

Live fast, die young, bad monsters do it well…

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Posted by Tars Tarkas - November 21, 2012 at 2:40 pm

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The Host infects with a second trailer

Did you camp out overnight to watch Twilight: Breaking Dawn Part 2 and now have wait until Stephanie Meyer writes some more books? Luck is on your side, as her other book, The Host, is already becoming a flick and just released the second trailer.

In the future where alien jerks called Souls have wiped out most of humanity and parasitized most of the survivors, the few real humans left include a pair of young hot and heavies known as Jared Howe and Melanie. But Melanie is captured and implanted with a Soul named Wanderer. Wanderer must not have spent much time at the Soul Gold Gym as it’s weak and doesn’t take full control of Melanie, enough that she can convince the alien to go looking for Jared so they can rekindle their romance. And also find her family but who cares about that crap? It’s all about the young love and will there be werewolf teens running around shirtless? Those are the important Stephanie Meyer plot details.

Saoirse Ronan is Melanie, Max Irons (how is that a real name?!?!?!) is Jared Howe, and Jake Abel, Diane Kruger and Frances Fisher costar.

Will America embrace this tale of alien parasite love? Will people make lots of Trill jokes? Do people even remember what a Trill is? No one loves DS9… =(

via MTV, who now plays trailer premieres but still no music videos.

Saoirse Ronan

My alien parasite is Little Red Riding Hood???

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Posted by Tars Tarkas - November 16, 2012 at 11:08 am

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4 Star Theater Asian Movie Madness

If you live in San Francisco and haven’t been to the 4 Star Theater ever, SHAME ON YOU! But now you have the perfect chance to not live in the shadow of my contempt and go check out some of the Asian Movie Madness double features! You might even see me at some of the showings. Just walk up to random people and ask if they are me until I reveal myself. I might lie to you and say I am not me, so be sure to shake me until I agree I am who I say I am.

Now, on to the films:

5-12 – Deaf-Mute Heroine and Pursuit – Deaf-Mute Heroine looks pretty cool, I have an old VHS copy somewhere and am intrigued as to the free DVD offer. Pursuit looks like it will be just an average action flick, but maybe it isn’t. Never seen it.

5-19 – Temptation Summary and Dirty Doll – A Cat III film and a Roman Porno? I hope they broke out the rubber seats! Just kidding.

5-26 – Ong Bak and Golden Sand Sword – See how Ong Bak all began with the first Ong Bak. And Golden Sand Sword, what can I say except I’ve never heard of it, but if it has a sword made out of sand maybe it will be awesome.

6-2 – The Warlords and The Shaolin Temple – Two Jet Li films I never cared for. I’ll probably miss this one, but if you are a fan of huge-scale war epics, The Warlords might be your cup of tea. I didn’t finish it when I watched because it was too predictable.

6-9 – Clash and Iron Fan and Magic Sword – Clash is the only film out of Vietnam recently that I could just name and people would have vaguely heard of it. But I haven’t seen it or Iron Fan and Magic Sword. Could be a good action time.

6-16 – Lovers in Turbulent Days and Rorita Couple – a sexploitation double feature, with films to make sex feel dirty. I think Rorita is supposed to be Lolita in non-Katakana speak.

6-23 – The Host and Yang Zean – If you never saw The Host, then you missed one of the best Korean movies ever. And Yang Zean is so obscure yet sounds so awesome it must be fun. How many films about three-eyed people will YOU see this year? Five? Make sure this is one of them!

6-30 – Ip Man 2 and Tiger Cage 2 – Uh, oh, I’ve not seen the originals for either of these Donnie Yen sequels, so I will be totally confused.

7-7 – Torrid Wave and Sex and Zen III – That’s Sex and Zen III, not 3D!

7-14 – Chocolate and Crimson Bat: The Blind Swordswoman – See Chocolate on the big screen like it deserves! and see Crimson Bat: The Blind Swordswoman on the big screen like it probably deserves. I’ve heard good things but not seen.

7-21 – Red Cliff Part I & II – Good Lord, that’s a lot of Red Cliff! Make it a challenge to see the whole freaking thing without taking a single bathroom break! And remember when you go to the hospital after your bladder explodes, I didn’t make you do it, only suggested it!

7-28 – Lady Chatterly in Tokyo and Mariko – Lady Chatterly goes to Tokyo and has sex. Also another Roman Porno.

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