Status: Unknown is a Lifetime mystery!

Status Unknown Brea Grant

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Lifetime’s promotion of their original movies is so good, I almost missed this one! With barely any mention on their site, February 22nd will be the premiere of the latest movie about how the internet is dangerous and you should never trust anything on it, Status: Unknown! Status: Unknown will teach you that whenever anyone you care about has weird status updates, that’s because they’ve been murdered and someone is pretending to be them. It’s true, it’s so true…

Despite Lifetime treating Status: Unknown worse than the murderous husband treats his wife in Status: Unknown (at least he updates her status!), TarsTarkas.NET is here to give you the goods. Status: Unknown stars Stacey Oristano, Stephen Colletti, Brea Grant(!), and site favorite Griff Furst. Here is a synopsis from the page that is linked with no image down near the bottom on Lifetime’s movie page:

After a lively high school reunion, Jessica and Cynthia reconnect with their childhood friend Karen and vow to stay in close communication online. After a year of cheerful daily status updates, Karen begins to post some strange updates to her life. When Jessica tries to call Karen to let her know that she and Cynthia will be in town for the week she is unable to reach her. Sensing something may be seriously wrong, Jessica tracks down Karen’s husband Paul to find out where her friend is. Paul tells her that Karen ran off to Hawaii due to marriage issues but Jessica is convinced he is lying. But when random status posts begin showing up on Karen’s page, Jessica suspects that someone else might be behind it…

Sounds like you might want to see a trailer? Too bad! This enigma will have to wait until it airs for us to know whether to hit Like or to just logout and stick to Twitter.