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Pitch Perfect

Pitch Perfect

Written by Kay Cannon
Based on the novel by Mickey Rapkin
Directed by Jason Moore

This is the fourth time we’ve watched Prometheus and it makes less sense each time!

Who knew that a movie about girls singing a cappella would have the most projectile vomiting you will see in a film since Stand By Me? But it does, and beyond that Pitch Perfect is pretty damn hilarious and will be right up there with cult classics for clubs like the Bring It On features or High School Musicals or Drumline. Does following an all too familiar plot cycle make Pitch Perfect a bad film? Aca-scuse me? Of course not! Take a look out the window on this bus journey, we’ll traveling through uncharted and funny territory, singing all the while.

The danger they don’t tell you about at Del Taco!

Pitch Perfect is based on the nonfiction book by Mickey Rapkin dealing with the college a cappella circuit and all the drama it causes. I’ve not read it, so I don’t know how much of the film is real and how much is fake. I’m guessing all the vomit is real. So very real. Vomit…everywhere! Noooo..oo…..o..

There is not really spoilers below. In fact, I think the trailer gives away more of the plot than I do!

Beca (Anna Kendrick) – Reluctant college student at Barden University just burning time until she runs off to LA to do music production work, due to her skills at using programs on her Macbook. Open Apple-ctrl-OWNED, suckers! Also she’s a good singer who just needs to join a group to find out she pushes away anyone close to her. Don’t worry, like all of these girls, her alt-style makeup and piercings will disappear by the end of the flick.
Aubrey (Anna Camp) – Leader of the Bellas and obsessed with getting things done correctly and properly. A stickler for rules. Has a summer job as a fire hose.
Fat Amy (Rebel Wilson) – If you aren’t leaving the theater talking about how awesome Fat Amy is, you are a horrible monster and was probably the awful person texting during the film. We all hate you. Especially Fat Amy. If you are wondering where you saw Rebel Wilson before, it was in Bridesmaids
Chloe (Brittany Snow) – Veteran Bella who manages to convince Beca to try out despite Beca’s lack of caring about anything at this point in her character arc. Once that is complete, Chloe is free to develop nodes.
I’ve come for the loofah!

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