I Do, I Do, I Do time loops on to Hallmark Channel!

I Do I Do I Do Hallmark

Now I don’t, I don’t, I don’t!

With three “I Do”s, I thought this would be about a triple wedding or something, but it’s instead about a woman who doesn’t know what she wants even though she’s getting married who gets trapped in a Groundhogs Day scenario. I Do, I Do, I Do is an interesting take on the subgenre of repeating days, even though everyone who mentions the film will also mention the Groundhogs Day thing, so it’s already coming from behind. Hopefully they can pull it off, but I’m not going to bet the farm. But if you like weddings, repeating days, rethinking your life, and dealing with crazy in-laws, here you go!

An architect heads to the altar with her fiancé, unsure of her marriage and their future. She relives her disastrous wedding day, put together by her fiancé’s overbearing mother, over and over until, with the help of his brother, she begins to face her biggest fears and discover what she really wants in herself and in her life.

Hey, let’s combine the Groundhogs Day films with the Talking Dog Home Alone films to make the ultimate ridiculous film! Time to get writing that script!

I Do, I Do, I Do stars Autumn Reeser (Midnight Masquerade) as Jaclyn Palmer, Shawn Roberts (Resident Evil: Afterlife) as Max Lorenzo, Antonio Cupo (Magic Beyond Words: The JK Rowling Story) as Dr. Peter Lorenzo, Ali Liebert (Love at the Thanksgiving Day Parade) as Kate Palmer, Christine Willes (Zapped) as Margaret Lorenzo, and Jay Brazeau (Grumpy Cat’s Worst Christmas Ever) as Phillip Lorenzo. It is is directed by Ron Oliver and written by Nancey Silvers (the duo behind Love at the Thanksgiving Day Parade!)

I Do, I Do, I Do premieres Friday, February 6th on Hallmark Channel!

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Recipe for Love simmers on Hallmark Channel!

Recipe for Love hallmark

Look, I’m not taking cooking advice from a barefoot cook!

Recipe for Love asks if good chef and bad boy chefs can come together without there being too many chefs to spoil the pot. The pot being love! Just pretend the bad boy chef is your favorite obnoxious tv chef (even though he doesn’t look like any of the ones I don’t like) and this film could get tasty! Or just weird. Also Peter DeLuise plays himself.

Recipe for Love stars Danielle Panabaker, Shawn Roberts, and Pascale Hutton.

Lauren Hennessey (Danielle Panabaker) has always loved to cook and is a proud perfectionist at her job at “Food & Entertainment Magazine’s” test kitchen while she dreams of being able to finally afford culinary school in Paris. When her boss offers her a bonus if she agrees to ghostwrite the cookbook of a difficult celebrity chef, Lauren sees her dream becoming a reality as soon as she can tame the notorious bad boy chef in question, Dexter Durant (Shawn Roberts). Slowly peeling back the layers of Dexter’s tough-guy persona, she starts seeing a different, vulnerable side to this big-shot chef. Suddenly, their dueling culinary styles become the perfect complement in the kitchen and an attraction between them starts to boil over.

As the cookbook nears completion, Dexter and a scheming young chef must face off in a final cook-off, judged by celebrity Peter DeLuise (as himself). Will Dexter win the competition and Lauren’s love?

Recipe for Love is written by Michael J. Murray (Honor Thy Father and Mother: The True Story of the Menendez Murders), and directed by Ron Oliver (Beethoven’s Treasure Tail)

Recipe for Love premieres Saturday, October 11, on Hallmark Channel

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The Girl He Met Online is more internet danger tales from Lifetime!

The Girl he Met Online Lifetime

The dangers of meeting women online include spraypaint!

People on Lifetime need to stop meeting people online, because The Girl He Met Online is like the fourth “Met Online” movie where horrible horrible things happen. Instead of OKCupid, they get NO-KCupid! Just last year we got The Husband She Met Online, and before that was The Boy She Met Online and The Wife He Met Online. This is a franchise no one knew about, but everyone needs to know about. Stay away from the online!

Sexy 23-year-old Gillian has no trouble attracting men, but her bipolar moods scare them off. Once dumped, her anger knows no bounds. She’s on better behavior with man-of-her-dreams Andy, until her boss and mother push her into a corner and Andy’s sister dies as a result. The only question now is whether Andy himself will fall prey to the girl he met online.

Will she get him, with her online anger? Let’s hope so, because online rage in movie form can only be awesome. Lifetime continues their reign as the only major original television movie source still standing, and films like these will keep it a source of entertainment for years to come!

The Girl He Met Online stars Yvonne Zima, Mary-Margaret Humes, and Shawn Roberts, and premieres February 8th on Lifetime.