Allan Quatermain and the Bad Idea

[adrotate banner=”1″]Do you remember Allan Quatermain? The public domain pulp hero who is very similar to the non-public domain Indiana Jones and thus whenever there is a new Indiana Jones movie suddenly Allan Quatermain gets dusted off? Well, now we got Allan Quatermain…in space! With Sam Worthington as Space Allan Quatermain, who will return to Earth after mankind abandoned it. No word on how many blue chicks Space Allan Quatermain will be banging, but my guess is around 37. Classic novels in space work out well, as Disney’s Treasure Planet can attest.

I heard there are blue chicks on Earth, yes/no?

Terminator Salvation New Trailer

[adrotate banner=”1″]Yahoo has a the new trailer for Terminator Salvation. You get a better look at the motorcycle terminators, and there is a gigantic terminator at the end who is right out of Transformers. Maybe Optimus Prime will show up and save the day. There are still conflicting reports on if my governor or Linda Hamilton will make cameos. I haven’t been too keen on this movie, but it looks like it won’t be boring so maybe it will be worth checking out. I know I won’t get as much giant robot action as I want.