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Sharktopus (Review)


Directed by Declan O’Brien
Written by Mike MacLean

I hate it when people don’t leash their dogs at the beach

Sharktopus is Roger Corman’s latest, having found a new outlet to distribute his films through the SciFi Channel (never SyFy, never!), previous Corman films including Cyclops, Dinoshark, Supergator, and Dinocroc vs. Supergator. Thanks to me moving to a location without SciFi Channel at the moment, I have been slacking off on watching the newer flicks that don’t pop on DVD first, but Sharktopus is a special case so I knew a guy who knew a guy who knew a guy who I traded a rock shaped like Sarah Jessica Parker to for a copy of Sharktopus he recorded off of TV. This is the new economy. I think he got the better end of the deal, but then it’s easy to find rocks shaped like horses– I mean, Sarah Jessica Parker.

Hey, I have glasses AND a ponytail now, that mean’s I’m the smartest one in here

Sharktopus has also ridden the wave of internet interest, just by the name “Sharktopus”. Buzz started immediately, with people trying to figure out what the creature would look like. There had been a recent string of SciFi Channel movies that have produced internet buzz, including Mega Shark vs. Giant Octopus, Megapihrana, and MegaMegaMegaMegaMegaMega earthworm vs Giant Mega Vampire Cow. Granted, internet films don’t really have a big history of succeeding (see Snakes on a Plane) but for a low-budget creature flick on a cable channel, the buzz actually works. It has even succeeded in making an ever-increasing amount of films with ridiculous creature names and films where ridiculous creatures battle ridiculous creatures. Have the films themselves been any good? That’s more of a mixed bag.

But forget the rest of the flicks, this review is about Sharktopus! So let’s judge it against its peers, other SciFi Channel films. Compared to the rest, the acting is pretty darn awful. We usually expect the acting to not be very good, but Sharktopus is a step beyond the normal SciFi Channel mediocrity, even the bit players are worse than the stock bit players. You got to hand it to Bulgarian extras – they aren’t as bad as the spring break extras they got for this one. Since Sharktopus likes to set up different kills, we see a lot of the minor actors for an extended period of time. This becomes disadvantageous as many of them couldn’t act their way out of a paper sharktopus.

Mega Sharktopus vs. Herbie the Love Bug

The good is we see the monster a LOT more than usual, and that’s awesome. Because we want monster monster monster! This also makes it more satisfying when the bad actors get killed.

Dr. Sands (Eric Roberts) – Dr. Sands is the head of Blue Ocean, which makes crazy biological monstrosities to sell to the US Navy. Thus, Sharktopus is born. Dr. Sands then gets more and more drunk and despondent as sharktopus escapes and goes on a rampage, because he’s gonna be out lots of money. But at least he goes good about two seconds before he dies.
Nicole Sands (Sara Malakul Lane) – Dr. Sand’s daughter, and like all smart girls in movies she has glasses. Glasses that disappear later in the film! Sara Malakul Lane is half-Thai, and even starred in at least one Thai film called Match Point.
Andy Flynn (Kerem Bursin) – Andy Flynn was fired for demanding a raise. That bastard! Now he’s rehired to out-sharktopus sharktopus! But Sharktopus is a crafty one. Andy Flynn spends the entire film being a jerky douche, but he’s the hero. Sigh…
Stacy Everheart (Liv Boughn) – A reporter chick and the best actor in the flick. Chases the Sharktopus story with her cameraman Bones and local fisherman Pez. Despite her crew being better and more sympathetic characters, they all die.
Santos (???) – Santos is awesome because we all know he’s going to die, and he does, but at least he’s cool. Only the good die young.
Sharktopus (CGI) – called S-11 probably because then they could use it for anything they decided on calling the film, be it Sharktopus or Octoshark or Jerry. The Sharktopus itself is a rather exceptional SciFi Channel monster, because it is freaking crazy! A shark with tentacle (and an extra octopus mouth on its belly) There was one prior tentacled shark I know about, the one from Shark rosso nell’oceano (aka the MST3K movie Devil Fish.) Whose gonna get sharktopussed? Everyone sharktopus can get his tentacles on!
Eric Roberts – now with 95% more smug

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Roger Corman presents Sharktopus! We’ve mentioned it before but here is the new extended trailer since it airs this Saturday!

And some more clips from

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Sharktopus is an actual upcoming film on SciFi Channel (SyFy….sigh…) that Roger Corman is producing. Sharktopus is rumored to have multiple mouths, but whatever it is, it better be damn awesome because that is a cool name that you have to live up to.

For more Sharktopus fun, here is a cool sculpture from McDevitt Studio

In Japan this would be raping schoolgirls...

In Japan this would be raping schoolgirls...

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Holy Crap!

Roger Corman getting an Oscar!

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Dinocroc vs Supergator is coming

The recently deceased David Carradine stars in Dinocroc vs Supergator, the latest giant monster film to jump on the “Vs” bandwagon. It was filmed in LA and Hawaii and is directed by Jim Wynorski. Expect it in a bit, as it is currently in post.

This is sort of interesting, because the monster CGI models are both the same with slight variations, which is because Supergator was originally to be a sequel to Dinocroc, but SciFi Channel doesn’t like sequels. So is this a sequel? Who knows? We shall see. Roger Corman is producing, as you’d expect.

With the two monsters having almost identical looks, the battles may be the most confusing since any random fight in Transformers. I still can’t tell those robots apart. Hopefully, there is an actual fight, and not three seconds of hissing like Wynorski’s Komodo vs Cobra.


Let me wear an "S" on my chest so you can tell us apart!

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Dinoshark has finished filming in Mexico and is in post-production. It is directed by Dan Golden for Roger Corman. They reused the mechanical jaws used in Dinocroc, but that’s about all the information we have now. So stay tuned for dinosaur shark goodness that will hopefully be good and not terrible, because that would make me sad inside. I get sad inside a lot from some of these awful movies. So sad…

Because we have no photos, I ganked this photoshop from

Dinoshark dies the same way David Carridine did!

Dinoshark dies the same way David Carridine did!

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