Rare Movie Time!!!! – Young Flying Hero/Return of the Magic Serpent

UPDATE – TarsTarkas.NET’s Review of the film is here!

Young Flying Hero (aka Return of the Magic Serpent) is a Taiwanese fantasy film from 1970 that has some giant monsters stomping around. It was directed by Tong Chim, who only seems to have one other directing credit, The Wolf and the Angel. Hardly anything is known about the film in collector’s circles due to it being so hard to find. Besides posters and lobby cards making everyone salivate, the actual movie has turned out to be surprisingly elusive.

Recently someone has claimed to have gotten a copy and is dubbing it into English for a release, they even threw up a short video:


Although the film is hard to find, it has been known that it isn’t impossible to find, because cast pictures showed up on *Kung Fu Films*
Cast list:
Chiu Keung
Han Chiang
Regina Pai Ping
Sha Lee-Man
Tin Mung
Gam Lee-Sang
Yeung Fui-Yuk
Pa Gwoh

So just enjoy these photos and think that maybe one day you will be able to see the film!